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14 of the Best Online Games to Play When Bored




There are so many different types of video games available today, leaving us with countless hours to play and myriad options to choose from. And this is a wonderful thing. There are so many genres out there and you can customize things pretty much according to your needs at the time. Play the best free games on your PC. Download or play free online! Here are some of our picks of online games to play when you are bored.


This game is amazingly simple in theory, but it supports copious amounts of laughter. The premise is easy, successfully sprint 100 meters. But what makes this game interesting is that, as the name suggests, you are only using the QWOP buttons on your keyboard. But it goes even further. QW is used to control the athlete’s thighs, while the OP keys are used to control the athlete’s calves. Weird, right? But this game is so hilarious, and the fact that you can only use those keys makes this game more fun. You’ll have false starts and even struggle to launch the athlete, but you won’t be bored.

2. Gridland

It’s another game that seems easier than it looks, but the premise is simple. You need to match three; however, there is a plot twist, of course. The game is divided into two parts. The day; this is where you play the match-three game, gather resources, and build your village. Then there’s the night, where you play the match-three game to fight off monsters. This game requires some strategy, but at least you won’t be bored.

3. Threes

To keep with the “it all seems easy until it isn’t” theme, Threes is the next game on our list. How do you play it? You must slide numbered tiles on a four-by-four grid to combine them in multiples of three. The aim is to noticeably clear, stack, and achieve rare tiles to receive the highest score. It seems simple enough, but the more you progress, the harder it becomes.

4. Line Rider

Now, this is one for all of us individuals who lack in the drawing department. In Line Rider (a kind of sandbox game), you are required to draw one or more lines with your mouse so that a boy named Bosh can ride his sled on it once you’ve pushed play. Now it gets tricky. Because the game largely features simulated physics, it is essential to ensure your tracks are smooth; if not, your rider will lose balance and fall every single time. It makes for many giggles and hours of getting your lines right.

5. Quick, Draw

Quick, Draw, developed by Google, works almost like charades but not quite. You are tasked with drawing an object or an idea; then, a neural network artificial intelligence must guess what you just drew. What’s cool here is that your drawing will be used to train the machine for the future.

6. Color Pipes

Another pairing game. With Color Pipes, you need to pair colors together by drawing lines between them. This forms part of a larger aim where you need to match all the colors, so one single pipe exists. You’ll be surprised at just how long you can play this game.

7. Cursors

Much like the paper-based game of labyrinth, Cursors will see you try to find your way out of a maze. With this game, your mouse cursor is turned into the character that must escape the maze. The twist is you are not alone! You will play this game with everyone else playing it at the same time as you. What’s great is that you will be required to work together on occasion to escape the maze!

8. A Dark Room

This open-source text-based role-playing game is much more than it seems. At first, the game is slow, but later it becomes complex. The game takes on your need to survive. So, an example would see you rush to survive a chilly night when suddenly this urge evolves into building a community, exploring a new landscape, and ultimately escaping to find something better.

9. Sinuous

The game is simple, avoid all the red dots, go for the green dots, and watch your line grow. How it works is you control a line using your mouse. With this line, you need to navigate an open space consisting of multiple red dots. If you touch the red dots, you lose. However, touch the green dots for invulnerability to see how long you can last.

10. Books Tower

This stacking game will have any bookworm excited. The aim of the game is very straightforward; all you need to do is stack books on top of each other to see how high you can reach. Be careful, though; you lose when the books fall.

11. Spider Solitaire

If you’re looking for a game of Spider Solitaire, check out Solitaired’s Spider Solitaire Game to play online for free. You can challenge other players online for the top spots on the daily leaderboards and also try your best to beat your own top scores. There are ways to customize the game to make it more fun too. For example, you can decide to only play winnable hands or redo and undo moves while you learn.

12. Solitaire Bliss Collection

Classic Klondike Solitaire, as well as 28 other variants of the game, are available on This site has ten distinct games to choose from and then there are variations. For instance, you have Klondike Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, Easy Harp, Westcliff, and more!

13. Jigsaw Puzzles is an awesome site that allows users to play thousands of online jigsaw puzzles. The puzzles are organized into categories, like space, cars, animals, and artwork, so you can choose the exact picture you want to complete. In addition, you can make your own jigsaw puzzle by uploading an image and customizing the puzzle settings before sharing the link with family and friends.

14. Hearts

Hearts is a trick-based card game that can be played online or with a physical deck of cards. allows players to enter their name and pick if they want to play multiplayer mode to compete against others for the top scores online. Join a table and play your first game today to pass the time!

15. Klondike Solitaire

Among all the solitaire games, Klondike Solitaire is perhaps the most popular. There is no doubt that most people know the rules of this game. Play Solitaire is an online and free website where you can play this exciting game. Statistics are kept about your progress in the game, and it is customizable.

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Today’s Most Booming Online Entertainment Industries




The way people amuse themselves has drastically changed in the last 100 years. The entertainment has gone digital, and we can carry the whole arsenal of fun pastimes with us. The latest TV shows, online games and social media all fit into compact mobile devices.

The Rise of the Streaming Platforms

Streaming platforms have come to replace all sorts of television entertainment. Video on demand is not a novelty, yet the mere abundance of exclusive content is stupefying. Plus, the video entertainment of the 21st century is no longer limited to movies and TV series.

In this day and age, streaming services have deals with the biggest stars on the planet. A recent example is Taylor Swift and her Disney+ film deal for the Eras Tour that rolled out while the tour was still in full swing.

Netflix, on the other hand, often introduces gamification elements. Viewers can:

  • Solve puzzles and riddles,
  • Take quizzes,
  • Even affects entire plotlines.

The legendary Bandersnatch, a movie set in the Black Mirror universe, broke the records and revolutionized the viewing experience forever.

So, while streaming platforms are to blame for mindless binging and often subpar video content viewers are devouring on a daily basis, it is also entering a new era in which participation will become the crucial aspect of the experience. Viewers are now a part of the crew.

New Formats of Online Gaming

The number of UK casinos available online has been growing consistently for years, partially because this form of entertainment is constantly changing. Online casinos are no longer platforms that count hundreds of games. Today, they provide immersive experiences.

With the addition of live chat, players can talk to each other when playing casino games. Arcade-style titles are all the rage, introducing a completely different gambling experience. Instead of focusing only on wins, players can track their progress through levels and compare their results with others.

The online gambling industry is also intertwined with streaming technologies and social media. When not sinning reels and placing bets, gamblers are watching iGaming influencers and following them on social media to get the best deals. The simple press of the “Spin” button is no longer enough to satisfy all their cravings.

Newest Social Media Experiences

When Facebook emerged in the early 2010s, no one thought it would become what it is today. The OG social network spawned a trend that has creatively surpassed the initial concept of a platform where you hang out with friends.

The multi-billion industry allows everyone to become a star and get a deal with premium brands that, until recently, were reserved for A-listers only. We no longer use social media to communicate with others but to keep an eye on trends, find easy fixes, or simply feast our eyes on how the other half lives.

Endless scrolls filled with dubious DIYs, tutorials, and funny videos have become the most popular entertainment for many. Despite all the criticism, lack of monitoring, and often downright misleading user-generated content, social media is only growing stronger and more influential.

What makes all three types of entertainment mentioned here special is the fact they blur the lines between genres and different industries. Soon, entertainment will know no limits (literally and figuratively) as it will blend different genres and formats to deliver a unique experience custom-made to your preferences. All we can say is: What a time to be alive!

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Has Technology Changed How We Play Classic Games?




With technology changing many aspects of our lives, it’s reached into many areas that you might not have considered before now. In terms of the timeless games that people have played in the same way for centuries, what are some of the biggest and most dramatic changes we’ve seen?   

Live-Streamed Games

Live streaming has introduced a new type of entertainment that lets us enjoy the most popular games online. It’s possible to livestream everything from the biggest Scrabble competitions to the latest chess tournaments, capturing the excitement of the games and letting us see how the best players adapt their strategies in the most stressful moments. We can even find streams featuring people playing iconic board games including Catan and Monopoly.

The live streaming method has reached the world of casino games, with live dealer versions of games like blackjack and roulette joined by others with a game show-type presentation. The latest casino bonuses UK allow players to collect rewards for a variety of live games.

Newcomers can try this way of playing varied titles including Boom City, Mega Roulette, and Sweet Bonanza CandyLand, where a human presenter leads the game. 

Chess on the Blockchain

With a history going back centuries, chess is one of the world’s most loved board games and it’s moved with the times too. The traditional way of playing with two players face-to-face over a board is still popular, but technology means that many of the estimated 600 million chess players spread over the planet now take part in games online.

This can mean hooking up with other human players or testing your skills against an AI bot.

One of the most revolutionary changes in the chess world has arrived with the emergence of blockchain technology, which allows players to monetize all their victories. The Chess Polygon platform is a cryptocurrency-based project that lets players mine tokens and earn NFTs by taking part in chess challenges against others in the community.

Chess on the Blockchain

Playing Scrabble in the Metaverse

Will playing games in the metaverse provide the way forward for the games that we’re used to playing in a low-tech setting? This research by CNET looks at various ways of playing in the metaverse that include games based on Scrabble and Pictionary, with players having the freedom to set up the playing area in a way that suits them.

The overall idea with the metaverse is the creation of a virtual universe that blends perfectly with our real-world habits. This is why major brands such as Coca-Cola, Samsung, and Dominos have all entered the metaverse with physical products for sale, leading to the possibility that we can play our favorite games in a way that fits ideally into our existing lifestyles.

The games we’ve looked at have all changed greatly thanks to the latest technology, although it’s interesting to note that in many cases the underlying mechanics and rules have changed very little. By focusing on the presentation, these games have retained their timeless appeal while new ways of enjoying them have opened up.

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A Deck of Wonders: Unveiling the Rich History of Playing Cards




Playing cards have long been an integral part of human culture, transcending geographical boundaries and spanning centuries. Originating in ancient civilizations, the history of playing cards is a captivating journey that unveils the evolution of this timeless form of entertainment.

Playing in casinos or in the comfort of your own home has been a staple for generations, whether its poker, blackjack or something played in the computer or phone like baccarat online, this article delves into the intriguing tale of playing cards, exploring the development of the suits and faces that have become synonymous with this universally enjoyed pastime.

The Origins

The exact origins of playing cards remain shrouded in mystery, with multiple theories proposing different points of inception. One widely accepted belief suggests that playing cards originated in China during the Tang Dynasty around the 9th century. These early cards were likely used for various games and had a distinct visual language.

The Spread of Playing Cards

From China, playing cards found their way along trade routes and made their way into Persia, India, and eventually reached Europe during the late 14th century. The intricate designs and artistic elements of these cards underwent transformation with each cultural influence, adapting to the preferences of different societies.

The Four Suits

One of the most distinctive features of playing cards is the division into suits. The standard deck we know today typically consists of hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades. These suits have a fascinating history rooted in medieval Europe, where they were inspired by the socio-economic classes prevalent at the time.

  • Hearts: Originally represented the clergy or the church.
  • Diamonds: Symbolized the merchant class or the wealthy bourgeoisie.
  • Clubs: Depicted the peasantry or the working class.
  • Spades: Signified the military or the nobility.

The evolution of these suits reflects the social structures and power dynamics of medieval Europe. Over time, the symbolism associated with the suits may have changed, but the four-fold division has remained a constant.

The Evolution of Faces

Early playing cards featured simple designs, often just numbers or basic symbols. However, the introduction of face cards added a new layer of complexity and intrigue to the decks. The face cards typically include the king, queen, and jack, each adorned with unique characteristics and symbols.

Initially, the faces on these cards were generic, but as playing cards spread across Europe, they began to take on the personalities of historical or mythical figures. For example, the king of hearts might be inspired by Charlemagne, the king of diamonds by Julius Caesar, and so on.

This transformation added a storytelling element to the cards, making them more engaging for players.

The Standardization of Decks

As playing cards became more popular, various regions and cultures developed their own versions with distinct designs. However, with the advent of printing technology in the 15th century, the mass production of playing cards became possible, leading to the standardization of decks that we recognize today.

This standardization facilitated the widespread popularity of card games and established a common visual language for players around the world. And at the same time made the risk of tampering less apparent for cheaters.


The history of playing cards is a fascinating tapestry woven across centuries and continents. From their mysterious origins in ancient China to the intricate symbolism of the suits and faces in medieval Europe, playing cards have evolved into a global phenomenon.

As we shuffle and deal our decks today, it’s worth appreciating the rich history and cultural significance encapsulated within each card – a testament to the enduring allure of this timeless pastime.

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