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The 10 Best Sports Movies of All Time




Hollywood simply loves sports. Most sports have enough inherent drama to act as the perfect basis for stories, and since there’s no better story for mainstream cinema than one that focuses on underdogs, it’s a good thing sporting heroes usually are fighting from a position of relative weakness. Whether it’s the Olympic games, specific sporting matches, or even boardroom drama fueling the narrative, there are some excellent movies out there that take sports as their subject. Here are the 10 best sports movies of all time, in no particular order (because we just can’t decide which of them is best overall!).

Moneyball (dir. Bennett Miller, 2011)

The director of Moneyball may be Bennett Miller, but this is Aaron Sorkin’s picture, and it shows. The motor-mouthed screenwriter brings his signature dialogue to bear on a fascinating story of baseball statistics; it doesn’t sound interesting from its elevator pitch, but Sorkin finds a way to make it leap off the page. Brad Pitt is great as the hangdog Billy Beane, who’s at the end of his rope trying to find success in the baseball world, and Jonah Hill surprises as economics graduate Peter Brand, a numbers whiz.

Cool Runnings (dir. Jon Turteltaub, 1993)

Everyone knows the story of Cool Runnings, right? It focuses on the 1988 Jamaican bobsled team and their disastrous inaugural Olympic games competition, which ended in disaster but resulted in a hero’s welcome for the team at home. It’s a story that bears a Hollywood retelling; as founding member Devon Harris told Betway, he thought it was the “most ridiculous idea ever conceived”, and yet Cool Runnings’ mixture of easy comedy and genuine underdog pathos makes it a mainstay of the sporting genre.

Rocky (dir. John Avildsen, 1976)

Like all the best sports movies, Rocky isn’t really about its sport. Rather, it’s a character study of Sylvester Stallone’s ridiculously endearing Rocky Balboa, who finds himself challenging the world heavyweight champion despite coming from unassuming beginnings. Stallone is likeable in the role, of course, but the real star here is Talia Shire, whose Adrian is tough, sassy, and a perfect foil for Balboa’s aw-gee-shucks all-American schtick.

Miracle (dir. Gavin O’Connor, 2004)

This sports drama tells the story of the 1980 US men’s ice hockey squad, led by a game Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks. It’s based on a true story, although there are naturally dramatic embellishments in order to make the narrative pop a little more. This is a classic underdog tale; it’s perfect fist-pumping fare for anyone who likes to watch unlikely heroes succeed against the odds. Russell is magnificent as Brooks, too; the real Brooks never got to see the movie, unfortunately, but we’re sure he would have loved Russell.

Bend It Like Beckham (dir. Gurinder Chadha, 2002)

Gurinder Chadha’s movie is named after the way in which David Beckham could famously curve free kicks, bamboozling goalkeepers and defenders alike in the world of football. This feel-good romp follows Jess Bjamra as she tries to follow in the footsteps of Beckham and play football for the national England squad. The narrative is pretty predictable, but the affable nature of the performances and the sharp, snappy script make this a must-watch for sporting aficionados.

The Wrestler (dir. Darren Aronofsky, 2008)

Mickey Rourke’s comeback performance is a tour de force in Darren Aronofsky’s excellent The Wrestler. If you think pro wrestling is fake, watching Rourke slam against the mat as Randy “The Ram” Robinson should make you think again; while certain events and narrative beats may be scripted, a lot of the pain and injury in wrestling is very real. The Wrestler juxtaposes Robinson’s painful personal life with his reckless abandon in the ring, both of which are killing him slowly.

White Men Can’t Jump (dir. Ron Shelton, 1992)

Forget the vastly overrated Space Jam: this is a vastly superior basketball movie, and it hasn’t aged anywhere near as poorly as that bizarre animation mish-mash has. Wesley Snipes teams up with Woody Harrelson for some irresistible back-and-forth badinage, playing two street basketball players who team up with one another to tackle some local challenges. There’s an irrefutable sense of wistful melancholy hanging over White Men Can’t Jump, too, making it the perfect cocktail of joy and sadness.

Senna (dir. Asif Kapadia, 2010)

Unlike our previous movies on this list, Senna is a documentary. Assembled with characteristic care and attention by documentary legend Asif Kapadia (who largely made his name with this film, but went on to equally great things), Senna tells the story of a complex icon, a charismatic hero with an incredible talent for his work. It also tells the story of the world that existed around him, an often mercenary and cruel structure that arguably led to his downfall.

Raging Bull (dir. Martin Scorsese, 1980)

If Rocky is a likeable rags-to-riches sports movie, then Raging Bull is its dark underside; a character study with a hungry Robert De Niro in the title role. De Niro is unafraid to be hateful and completely alienating at times; his Jake LaMotta is violent and shot through with toxic masculinity, serving as the perfect counterpoint to Balboa and his down-home antics. If you liked Rocky but you think it could have stood a little more psychological depth, Raging Bull is your movie.

Creed (dir. Ryan Coogler, 2015)

Creed director Ryan Coogler would go on to make Black Panther for Marvel, and looking at this story of a young African-American man growing up in the shadow of his famous father, it’s easy to see why. Creed is a Rocky sequel, sure, but it’s more than that; unlike the increasingly ridiculous Rocky movies, it casts Stallone as an ageing prize fighter looking to pass on his knowledge, and an incredibly fit Michael B. Jordan as the son of Apollo Creed, learning what it means to carry that legacy.

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Football Players with Unusual Hobbies




Soccer is a popular sport watched with interest by millions of people. It is worth noting that this unheard-of popularity makes betting on this sport incredibly profitable. Many online casinos in Canada actively promote the idea of sweepstakes and curate such issues, allocating a whole section on their website.

It is often possible to see advertisements in such online casinos with the participation of one or another soccer star. But it is not uncommon for soccer players to become gamblers themselves. Also, the wealthiest athletes occasionally visit the top online casino sites in Canada to have a little fun and enjoy their wealth.

List of soccer legends with unusual hobbies and a penchant for online casinos

Every famous soccer player has worked hard to succeed, trained early, and sacrificed a lot for the sport. Of course, innate physical attributes play a vital role, but hard work and determination are a big part of the road to success.

Stuck for years or even decades in one activity, it’s hard not to lose interest and motivation, so other hobbies come to the rescue and help stabilize the situation. Often after the end of a sports career, players fully dedicate themselves to these hobbies. One of the popular hobbies of rich people is gambling, the most interesting of which are on the top online casino sites in Canada and allow you to spend your free time well.

We present to you famous soccer players with a very versatile approach to life:

  • Roy Carroll
  • Conor Chinn
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Andrey Arshavin
  • Paul Scharner

Roy Carroll’s Hobbies

Talented young footballer Roy Carroll successfully proved himself on the field of play and attracted the top football club Manchester United. In the beginning, flushed with success, the guy showed promising results. Still, over time the shortcomings became apparent, and in the face of fierce competition, Roy Carroll was replaced by a more suitable player. The hidden desire to play the online casino was unleashed, and instead of a successful career in sports, the former top club player became a very inept gambler, losing big money.

Conor Chinn and his passion

The famous soccer player Conor Chinn has achieved unprecedented success in his main business, but not everyone knows about his passion for computer games. A rich man who can afford a luxurious life does not try to squander money and engage in show-offs, instead devoting himself to an activity he loves, which allows him to rest his soul.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his “Bingo”

One of the world’s most recognizable soccer players, Cristiano Ronaldo, is a native of Portugal. The real legend of the soccer world is quite a gambler by nature which is crazy about some disciplines at online casinos in Canada. We are talking about an incredible way of leisure – the game “Bingo.” The soccer player admires this pastime and associates the most pleasant memories with it.

Andrey Arshavin, with his brand

The famous Russian soccer player Andrey Arshavin has achieved impressive success during his long career. The talented sportsman has professionally engaged in his favorite business for over 20 years. Having already been the team captain more than once and won honorable awards, such as the Golden Ball, Arshavin does not lose his enthusiasm and continues on his way.

But in addition to his main job and life’s work, the footballer has an irresistible craving for quality clothing items, which prompted him to open his brand. Also worth noting is his interest in online casinos, especially poker. The sportsman has played quite a few games in an agreement with PokerStars.

Paul Scharner as a model athlete

The coolest Austrian midfielder is Paul Sharper, a real sports fan who keeps himself in shape daily. Such people don’t need to play online casinos to get their adrenaline; they get it from extreme sports. Sharper’s arsenal includes skydiving, skiing, and many unnecessary activities.

Comparative description of popular soccer players

Name and lastnameYear of birthCareer startCareer endHobbies
Roy Carroll19771995present dayA gambler who loses large sums at online casinos
Conor Chinn19872006present dayOnline computer games, FIFA
Cristiano Ronaldo19851992present dayGambling, Bingo
Andrey Arshavin19811999present dayOnline casinos, poker tournaments, creating your clothing brand
Paul Scharner198020052014Extreme sports, skiing, skydiving

There are players from different parts of the globe, but almost everyone has a marked craving for extreme adrenaline. The largest percentage of successful people tried online casinos because it’s an easy way to get unforgettable emotions, especially if you play on a large scale.

Important moment

Remember self-control and don’t allow yourself to spend too much whatever your income. Instead, soberly assess your ability to pay and not use other people’s resources to get even.

It is necessary to perceive gambling first as entertainment and only then as a way to earn money. Do not put too much emotion into gambling and lose your head from a series of losses or wins. The key to success, in this case, is a cold calculation. Read more details about gambling principles here: it will save you from future mistakes. Necessary clarification, all the above instructions apply only to players over 21 years old; younger readers are not recommended to plunge into gambling.

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7 Tips to Get You Started on Your Sailing Adventures




Sailing has always been an exciting and engaging kind of hobby. People of all ages even find the fun side of sailing. It all depends on whether you want to add sailing to one of your great hobbies.

It might seem scary at first to see people going out to the open sea. Would you need a compass, a parrot, an eyepatch or have your boat? It depends on you if you want to look like a pirate sailing the seven seas.

Here are seven tips for you aspiring sailors out there.

You Don’t Have to Own a Boat to Start Sailing

You read that right. You do not need to own a boat to start sailing. If you already have a friend who knows a thing or two about sailing, you can join them. You can also start sailing by joining a sailing club or a sailing crew.

There are even opportunities where you can call or message a sailing club, like, and tell them that you are interested in becoming a crew member or would like to rent a boat. Regardless if you are experienced, or you are inexperienced, they will most likely let you join them in their expeditions. Sailors love to lend a hand to fellow sailors, especially to new sailors.

As you gain more experience and feed your passion for sailing, you could then decide if it’s time for you to own your own boat. It might be a big problem if you end up buying your own boat but then lose your passion for sailing. Think about how you’re going to pay for that boat you just loaned.

A Sailor is Not Afraid to Ask for a Sailor’s Help

Ever seen someone riding their sailing boat, and you thought to yourself that you want to look cool like them, too? Well, the truth is, sailors are cool people, and there is no denying that fact. And the rule of thumb is, that cool people are the best people to ask for help from.

Like what we have mentioned earlier, sailors love to lend a hand to aspiring and new sailors. They love to share their experience with the new blood and excite them much more about their adventures. They’ll never turn a blind eye to them.

Sailors are everywhere. You can find them at sailing clubs, on the internet, on forums and more. In fact, the best way you can find them is at the local bar near the ocean. All you have to do is look for them and ask for the proper sailing guidance.

Get Out and Practice What You Have Learned

After you have found and gained the mighty sailor tips you can get from your fellow sailors, you should start putting what you’ve learned into practice. You can’t call yourself a sailor when you haven’t been out on the ocean. You can’t have that awesome sailing adventure that you’ve always dreamt of if you stay inland.

Get out there and practice. Know the ropes. Get yourself some lessons at your local sailing clubs and get someone to teach you. You’ll be surprised at how cheap they could get.

Safety Should Always Be Your Priority

Now that you’ve taught yourself how to sail don’t forget about the basics. Safety should always come first. Yes, it feels great facing and going against that high wave as you sail, but it never feels much better knowing that you yourself are safe from unexpected harm from the open seas.

Have the proper gear with you before going out. Tell people that you’re heading out on your sailing adventure. Let them know when you might be coming back and who to phone when you don’t.

The sea is very unpredictable. It might be filled with great excitement and a wonderful experience, but you can never know what might come next. It’s always better to come prepared.

Keep Going Out to Sail

Is it going to be sunny today? Head out and keep on sailing. Is it going to be rainy today? The same thing, head out and keep on sailing.

Keep heading out into the water. Keep doing what you’re doing until you’ve finally mastered what you have learned from your fellow sailors. Just like what they said, proper constant practice makes it perfect.

Don’t say “it’s just a little too windy” or “it’s a little cold”, or “it’s a little too calm” etc. If you wait for “the perfect day”, you’ll be out only twice a year. You’ll never get to master anything through that.

Know the Different Types of Boats

Now that you’ve known and mastered the ways of the sea, it wouldn’t hurt you to know the different types of boats that you can use for sailing.

Sailboats are types of boats with sails that are powered by the wind. Three distinctive characteristics differentiate them.

These characteristics are the hull, keel, mast configuration and sails.

The hull means the shape of the boat, which includes the sides, bottom and deck. The keel acts as the most vital part of the boat as it acts like the foundation of the boat, and you can usually find it along the center of the bottom of the boat.

As for the mast and sails, it talks about the tall posts that hold the sails while the sails are the material that run down the mast and are used to catch the wind to propel the boat.

Know the Sailor’s Jargon

Once you start sailing and become a part of a crew, you’ll get to hear some words that you might be familiar with. Examples are port and starboard, which translate exactly to left and right. You might even encounter words like tack and jibe.

It’s essential to know the jargon so you can easily communicate with other sailors, especially when you are in an intense moment where you might face a strong storm or wave. It would be nice to get an answer right away rather than being asked what that word means.

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3 Distinct Aspects to Consider Before Buying Quad Skates for the Outdoors




Roller skates, sometimes known as quad skates, were first introduced in 1863, with two sets of wheels placed next to each other. Since their inception, they have been widespread in numerous regions of the globe, especially in North America. The skating movement reached its pinnacle during the roller-disco boom in the 80s.

This leisure sport has remained popular with many individuals and has even seen a resurgence in recent months as people seek minimal contact activities in the aftermath of the pandemic. If you have tried this fun sport, you’ll understand why it’s so fascinating.

If you want to securely enjoy skating in the open outdoors, you’ll need a pair of outdoor roller skates. This article will dive deeper into the nuances of enjoying this sport in the open outdoors.

The Distinct Characteristics of Indoor and Outdoor Quad Skates

Because you cannot use outdoor and indoor roller skates interchangeably, it is crucial to understand their distinct characteristics.

1. The Hardness Value of the Wheelset

The hardness of the wheelset is a critical distinction between outdoor and indoor quad rollers, which is related to its numerals. Indoor quad rollers, for example, have a durometer hardness value of 88A to 103A, whereas rollers specific for the outdoors rarely surpass 90A. The hard composite is suitable for flat, level, and obstacle-free surfaces. Skating on uneven outdoor surfaces necessitates wheels with high impact resistance, improved traction, and reduced slipping potential, which a stiff compound wheel will not deliver.

2. Hard and Soft Boot Construction

After deciding the hardness value of the wheel you prefer on your outdoor roller skates, you’ll need to pick whether you need a hard or soft boot (the section your foot slips into). Hard boots offer extra sturdiness and ankle stability, making them ideal for vert and outdoor riding. In skates with a hard boot construction, you can cruise for hours. Skates with a soft boot, on the other hand, provide more versatility, which is vital if you wish to perform in them. Soft boots are often more ventilated than hard boots, enabling airflow, and they are far lighter by design.

3. Placement of the Plate

The plate is the part of the shoe where the wheelset is mounted. Outdoor roller shoes, unlike indoor pairs, have the plate positioned up front, putting most of the mass in the toe region. When overcoming obstacles such as pebbles, potholes, or patchy roads, it prevents the front of the roller from experiencing a lift. Although not all outdoor pairs have the plate in this configuration, it is something to watch for if you are looking for optimum long-term performance.

Final Thoughts

You won’t be able to enjoy skating outdoors to its full potential unless you own a pair of suitable roller skates designed for the outdoors that adequately accommodate your feet. They should give the greatest degree of protection and support while still looking stylish. Keep in mind the fundamentals mentioned above, and you will end up with a perfect outdoor-ready pair of skates that will provide optimal performance and fun.

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