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The 10 Best Sports Movies of All Time




Hollywood simply loves sports. Most sports have enough inherent drama to act as the perfect basis for stories, and since there’s no better story for mainstream cinema than one that focuses on underdogs, it’s a good thing sporting heroes usually are fighting from a position of relative weakness. Whether it’s the Olympic games, specific sporting matches, or even boardroom drama fueling the narrative, there are some excellent movies out there that take sports as their subject. Here are the 10 best sports movies of all time, in no particular order (because we just can’t decide which of them is best overall!).

Moneyball (dir. Bennett Miller, 2011)

The director of Moneyball may be Bennett Miller, but this is Aaron Sorkin’s picture, and it shows. The motor-mouthed screenwriter brings his signature dialogue to bear on a fascinating story of baseball statistics; it doesn’t sound interesting from its elevator pitch, but Sorkin finds a way to make it leap off the page. Brad Pitt is great as the hangdog Billy Beane, who’s at the end of his rope trying to find success in the baseball world, and Jonah Hill surprises as economics graduate Peter Brand, a numbers whiz.

Cool Runnings (dir. Jon Turteltaub, 1993)

Everyone knows the story of Cool Runnings, right? It focuses on the 1988 Jamaican bobsled team and their disastrous inaugural Olympic games competition, which ended in disaster but resulted in a hero’s welcome for the team at home. It’s a story that bears a Hollywood retelling; as founding member Devon Harris told Betway, he thought it was the “most ridiculous idea ever conceived”, and yet Cool Runnings’ mixture of easy comedy and genuine underdog pathos makes it a mainstay of the sporting genre.

Rocky (dir. John Avildsen, 1976)

Like all the best sports movies, Rocky isn’t really about its sport. Rather, it’s a character study of Sylvester Stallone’s ridiculously endearing Rocky Balboa, who finds himself challenging the world heavyweight champion despite coming from unassuming beginnings. Stallone is likeable in the role, of course, but the real star here is Talia Shire, whose Adrian is tough, sassy, and a perfect foil for Balboa’s aw-gee-shucks all-American schtick.

Miracle (dir. Gavin O’Connor, 2004)

This sports drama tells the story of the 1980 US men’s ice hockey squad, led by a game Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks. It’s based on a true story, although there are naturally dramatic embellishments in order to make the narrative pop a little more. This is a classic underdog tale; it’s perfect fist-pumping fare for anyone who likes to watch unlikely heroes succeed against the odds. Russell is magnificent as Brooks, too; the real Brooks never got to see the movie, unfortunately, but we’re sure he would have loved Russell.

Bend It Like Beckham (dir. Gurinder Chadha, 2002)

Gurinder Chadha’s movie is named after the way in which David Beckham could famously curve free kicks, bamboozling goalkeepers and defenders alike in the world of football. This feel-good romp follows Jess Bjamra as she tries to follow in the footsteps of Beckham and play football for the national England squad. The narrative is pretty predictable, but the affable nature of the performances and the sharp, snappy script make this a must-watch for sporting aficionados.

The Wrestler (dir. Darren Aronofsky, 2008)

Mickey Rourke’s comeback performance is a tour de force in Darren Aronofsky’s excellent The Wrestler. If you think pro wrestling is fake, watching Rourke slam against the mat as Randy “The Ram” Robinson should make you think again; while certain events and narrative beats may be scripted, a lot of the pain and injury in wrestling is very real. The Wrestler juxtaposes Robinson’s painful personal life with his reckless abandon in the ring, both of which are killing him slowly.

White Men Can’t Jump (dir. Ron Shelton, 1992)

Forget the vastly overrated Space Jam: this is a vastly superior basketball movie, and it hasn’t aged anywhere near as poorly as that bizarre animation mish-mash has. Wesley Snipes teams up with Woody Harrelson for some irresistible back-and-forth badinage, playing two street basketball players who team up with one another to tackle some local challenges. There’s an irrefutable sense of wistful melancholy hanging over White Men Can’t Jump, too, making it the perfect cocktail of joy and sadness.

Senna (dir. Asif Kapadia, 2010)

Unlike our previous movies on this list, Senna is a documentary. Assembled with characteristic care and attention by documentary legend Asif Kapadia (who largely made his name with this film, but went on to equally great things), Senna tells the story of a complex icon, a charismatic hero with an incredible talent for his work. It also tells the story of the world that existed around him, an often mercenary and cruel structure that arguably led to his downfall.

Raging Bull (dir. Martin Scorsese, 1980)

If Rocky is a likeable rags-to-riches sports movie, then Raging Bull is its dark underside; a character study with a hungry Robert De Niro in the title role. De Niro is unafraid to be hateful and completely alienating at times; his Jake LaMotta is violent and shot through with toxic masculinity, serving as the perfect counterpoint to Balboa and his down-home antics. If you liked Rocky but you think it could have stood a little more psychological depth, Raging Bull is your movie.

Creed (dir. Ryan Coogler, 2015)

Creed director Ryan Coogler would go on to make Black Panther for Marvel, and looking at this story of a young African-American man growing up in the shadow of his famous father, it’s easy to see why. Creed is a Rocky sequel, sure, but it’s more than that; unlike the increasingly ridiculous Rocky movies, it casts Stallone as an ageing prize fighter looking to pass on his knowledge, and an incredibly fit Michael B. Jordan as the son of Apollo Creed, learning what it means to carry that legacy.

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Things to Know before Collecting Sports Cards




Are you an avid sports fan? Do you enjoy watching baseball, football, or basketball and following every match, player’s career, tournament, and other related to the game? How about starting a sports card collection hobby?

People collect sports cards of their favorite teams or players because it is fun, exciting, and demonstrates your enthusiasm as a fan. Moreover, it is also a good investment because its value increases over time.

If it is your first time, you may be unaware of the various aspects involved in it. But if you’re looking at sports card collecting, you must know some information beforehand. Here are some tips and suggestions you will find helpful.

Tips to start a sports card collection

Beginning small is good if you’re starting with a card-collecting hobby. If your collection gets too large and overwhelming, you can always scale back and focus on one sport or player.

It’s also vital that when you first start collecting cards, certain things will help keep your interest up. For example, start with a few different sports/players and gather them over time so that they become more familiar to you. This makes it easier for others who want to look at your cards. It also allows fewer items in one place because everything is the same color! You could also avoid buying any rare cards unless necessary.

Types of sports cards

Sports cards are classified into several categories. The most common are baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. Other popular sports include soccer, racing, and golf. Each type has its own set of rules for collecting cards. For instance, baseball cards come in many shapes and sizes, like commons (first run), parallels (second run), or autographs. Autograph cards often feature players’ signatures and hold a special place in the hearts of sports card collectors.

Importance of player/card

Player/card desirability is an essential factor in sports card collecting. Both factors depend on the number of cards in a set. Therefore, it can be difficult to accurately determine why a particular card is valued higher than others. However, there are some general guidelines that you can use to help you understand player/card desirability better.

The more valuable the player or team was when they were active, the higher their value will likely be today. Secondly, if a player retires extremely young, their value immediately drops. Lastly, if a player retires after sustaining injuries that may affect future performance levels, their prices typically drop even further.

How to choose cards?

As a collector, you want to ensure that each card you purchase is in the best condition possible. It includes looking at all the elements and determining whether they’re damaged, if there are any blemishes, or if some other issue could affect their value (or even prevent them from being worth much).

You might think about buying cards based on either team logos or colors alone, but experts recommend doing both because there are so many options available! It’s important to consider what players have associated with each team. For example, if a player plays for one but then joins another later down the line or even changes their jersey number, they’ll likely be easy to spot when searching through your collection.

Vintage vs. Modern cards

Vintage and modern sports cards are two distinct types of collectibles. Vintage cards are more valuable than their modern counterparts because they’re harder to find and easier to sell if you want to put your money towards something else, like paying off your student loans!

You would do well to remember these things if you’re looking at sports card collecting. It is an exciting hobby and an excellent way to showcase appreciation for a sport, team, or player. You can buy these from various e-commerce sites that usually have impressive collections and offer you the option to bid or buy them.

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The Ultimate Guide to Pickleball for Beginners




In this article, we will explore the basics of pickleball and how to get started. The game is played on a court with a lower net than in tennis and shorter rackets than in badminton. It can be played on a variety of surfaces such as sand or hard courts.

The game was invented by Joel Pritchard in 1965 when he tried to create an indoor version of tennis that could be played year-round. He named the game “pickleball” because it reminded him of his mother’s pickles. Read more interesting facts about Pickleball at

What is pickleball? And how does it differ from other sports?

Pickleball is a racquet sport that is played with a perforated plastic ball. It is usually played outdoors on a court that has been built or resurfaced for the game. Pickleball is a relatively new sport, invented in 1965 by Joel Pritchard and William Bell. The game was invented as an alternative to more traditional sports like tennis, which can have a competitive edge to it that some people don’t enjoy.

Pickleball courts are smaller than tennis courts, so they are easier to find space for. They also have no net, so players must stay within the lines of the court at all times. The game also uses paddles, which means there’s less running around and chasing balls like in other sports.

Pickleball Facts and Statistics

Pickleball is a fun game that has always been played in a backyard or at the beach. There are many outdoor pickleball courts in some cities. Some people have made it their career to play this game professionally and make money out of it.

Pickleball is a fast-paced, action-packed game and you can play it with friends, family and even strangers. It’s also one of the most social sports because you can play by yourself or with others.

The best gear for playing pickleballs includes a paddle and a ball. You can choose from different types of paddles, such as wood, rubber or composite materials like graphite or titanium alloy. The best ball for Pickleball is the Wilson PickleBall which weighs 2 ounces, has an average bounce height of 8 feet high and is made of rubber that won’t scuff floors as much as other balls might do so when playing indoors on hardwood floors.

How to Play Pickleball? What Equipment Do You Need?

Pickleball is a very popular game in the United States and Canada. It is also becoming popular in other countries like Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Pickleball is played on a court that is half the size of a tennis court. The net is at the same height as a net for badminton, but pickleball nets are usually made of plastic mesh instead of wire so that it’s easier to hit through them. Here more detailed information about rules here

There are two teams with each team consisting of one or two players. One player from each team stands at either end of the court, serving from one side and hitting balls back to their opponents from the other side. Players can only use their hands or feet to return shots back over the net, with no contact allowed between players except when they are exchanging balls during play. Players can also touch their opponents’ equipment without penalty as long as they do not interfere with play – this includes bumping into an opponent who has stepped out of the court as well as hitting an opponent who is in the act of returning a shot.The first team to score five points wins the game.

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The Best Ways to Follow Your NFL Fantasy Sports Team




Fantasy Football has now become one of the latest growing trends amongst regular viewers of football as some of the most widely passionate fans have now looked to incorporate their own unique spin on an active NFL roster with the means of earning the plaudits from their rivaling player base whilst still keeping tabs on the latest developments present across the league that could increase or dwindle their chances of earning higher rankings in the leaderboards.

Out of all the latest developing sports trends, fantasy league may rank amongst the most popular favorite for players and sports fans alike as this provides a unique blend of real-life results and individual statistics to a virtual level reminiscent of actual General Manager and Coaching decisions.

Sports fans can always be vocal depending on how well or bad their respected team is doing in the conference and divisional rankings with fantasy league giving them a perfect chance to craft their own roster that can square up against the very best players on a digital platform.

The NFL is of absolutely no exception to this sudden surge of popularity in fantasy league as the number of active NFL fantasy players has risen significantly in recent years as fans can now devise their own personalized roster of players that will look to amass a great array of fantasy points depending on their performance during a gameday and their position on the field.

With more regular viewers now tuning into the latest developments in NFL DFS on various platforms, including the renowned sportsbook DraftKings, regular viewers may be intrigued to note on how they can maintain their interest in the ongoing NFL games whilst managing their Fantasy team.

How to keep on track with NFL Fantasy Sports Teams:

When setting up a Fantasy Team account, it is often crucial to download the app for the fantasy provider that you have an active account with, as numerous services such as DraftKings offer a free to download application for your smart phone devices via the app store.

You can view and keep up to date with your team anywhere you go which is a much more convenient method for most players to utilize.

Players must always remain aware of any significant developments during the active season that are likely to affect their team’s overall performance that can include a major injury to a star performer in your team, removing any player of a team that has a bye week to ensure that you do not miss out on any extra points and making calculated trades for someone that can help swing the results back in your favor.

When watching an NFL game featuring a player present in your Fantasy squad, players can keep a watchful eye on any major developments and change their roster about in case of any serious repercussions that will affect their overall game week incoming of points on the leaderboard.

Another great way of keeping tabs on your NFL Fantasy team is to interact with other players and hear their take on which players they may expect to have a greater impact in the upcoming game week of football, especially if these are any friends, colleagues or family members as it can make for great conversation on why they may choose a specified player over another more renowned name.

How to keep up to date on any NFL player developments:

It is crucial for Fantasy players to keep fully intertwined with any wider individual player developments from resulting game weeks of NFL action in case any major name cannot compete with other names in the league leaderboards for whatever reason.

NFL fans will already likely have mainstream sport applications such as ESPN, NFL or Twitter downloaded to keep up to date on any such moments that could affect your fantasy score.

Even the very best and most talented NFL players can put in poor showings or suffer major injuries that has so far been present for the likes of talented Quarterback Justin Herbert of the LA Chargers and even former MVP Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens who missed a large part of last season.

Several players will select these such established names in the hopes that they will make a major difference in scoring a few extra points after a game week, yet it is also the Fantasy players’ responsibility to change up their roster in case there is a major injury, suspension or bye for any upcoming game week.

Final Words

Overall, the thrill surrounding the now returning NFL regular season and resulting fantasy football league has become insurmountable and fans are already placing their cases as to who they believe will be the best option for their team’s chances of earning a higher seed based on the players that they have selected.

The thrill of playing fantasy football and watching the NFL on a regular basis is now one of the best parts of sports as it brings a greater element of competitiveness to the sport and intrigue from its fan base.

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