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CRM Automation: Features, Benefits and Top Solutions




CRM or customer relationship management is a process in which a business or startup evaluates its interactions with customers. CRM automation, on the other hand, refers to the use of a type of software that performs several repetitive, manual tasks for businesses and startups. These include tasks such as data entry, email marketing, contact management, automated responses, custom analytics, and so much more.

Deploying CRM software can serve to be useful as it helps your business grow, streamline the marketing and sales processes, and drastically improves efficiency. Besides automating tedious and mundane sales processes, it also helps sales professionals save time, so they can focus on more important tasks. So to learn more about what exactly CRM automation is and how it would be beneficial to your business, read on. Because we’re sure our guide will serve to be useful.


There are several features of CRM and they are as follows

Contact Management

This is one of the most basic yet crucial features of CRM. Using it, businesses or startups can collect and organize their customer data efficiently. It also serves as a searchable database where you can efficiently and easily store contact information such as names, addresses, and social media accounts. And you can also make customers feel important and catered to as CRM automation improves the personalization of all contacts with customers.

Lead Management

CRM, at its core, is all about generating, nurturing, and converting leads. It not only helps you keep track of all your lead activities based upon demographic and psychographic factors but also helps your sales team to be updated on the current status of leads through functions like lead scoring.

Sales Analytics

CRM helps businesses and startups collect data from social media, polls and website traffic. All of this information can serve to be useful as it can be analyzed to determine which groups of customers are likely to bring in the highest return on investment (ROI). The information could also be used to create better sales campaigns in the future.

Pipeline Management

The software can also see an overview of your entire sales pipeline. It is the process of supervising sales opportunities and tracking them across the different stages. This is done through the lead’s journey until they are finally categorized as won or lost.

Workflow Automation

As already mentioned above, CRM is often used for workflow automation. Through less human involvement, this softwares can still execute a number of manual tasks, activities, and processes using a centralized system.


CRM is being used more and more every day due to its large number of benefits. Take a look:

Better Customer Service

Undoubtedly one of the most important benefits of CRM automation is that it leads to better customer service. With crucial information about the customer, such as demographics, purchase records, and previous messages across all channels, sales personnel can use this data to provide a better customer experience, which in turn leads to improved customer satisfaction.

Increased Sales

By pipelining your sales process and automating key tasks, you can potentially increase sales and productivity. With CRM, you can also incorporate a step-by-step sales process that your employees can rely on when a problem arises.

Improved Customer Retention

Converting potential leads into customers is only the first step. A business must also focus on customer retention. And thankfully, CRM offers functions such as sentiment analysis, automated ticketing, and user behavior tracking, which work together to not only help you determine problems but also quickly address them.

Higher Productivity And Efficiency

With CRM, you can drastically increase productivity and efficiency. It frees up the time of your employees and expedites menial tasks so they can focus on more important tasks that cannot be done by software, such as creating content.

Streamlined Internal Communications

Not only is CRM automation used for facilitating communication between your business and your customers, but it can also help your employees communicate better with each other. This is due to the several functions that CRM offers, such as sending members of the team notes or alerts, tagging on projects, and sending messages and emails.

CRM Automation Solutions

Take a look at the top CRM automation solutions available today, and choose one best suited for your needs.


Zoho CRM enables remote workforces to work more efficiently together and get more done. It helps to increase leads, push sales, and accurately measure performance. It also comes with an AI-powered assistant, Zia, who predicts leads and deals, and identifies potential customers.


For businesses that are more driven by data visualizations, Pipedrive is a great solution. It also has a very user-friendly interface and can be easily used by startups without dedicated IT staff to help with implementation.


If you’re looking for an intelligent solution to improve performance by centralizing data from various software providers, this is the one for you. It has free integrations and over 1,000 popular software applications, making it really popular among many enterprises.

We hope that with our detailed guide, you were able to grasp the concepts of CRM automation and why it serves to be helpful.

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Understanding the Theta Token and Its Value Proposition




The Theta Token is a cryptocurrency that has been gaining significant attention in recent years. As the world becomes more digital, the need for a decentralized system that can handle large amounts of data and video content is becoming increasingly important.

Theta Token is aiming to provide a solution to this problem. You can also carry out trading via exchange platforms. An excellent example of a reliable platform is

What is Theta Token?

Theta Token is a cryptocurrency that operates on the Theta blockchain. The Theta blockchain is designed to handle video content, making it an ideal platform for streaming and sharing video content. Theta Token was created as a way to incentivize users to share their excess bandwidth and computing resources with others on the network.

Theta Token is different from other cryptocurrencies in that it is specifically designed for the streaming and sharing of video content. This makes it an ideal platform for content creators, as it allows them to share their content without having to worry about the high costs associated with traditional video hosting services.

What is the Value Proposition of Theta Token?

The value proposition of Theta Token lies in its ability to provide a decentralized solution to the problems associated with video content sharing. By incentivizing users to share their excess bandwidth and computing resources, Theta Token is able to provide a more cost-effective solution to traditional video hosting services.

Theta Token also has a number of other features that make it an attractive platform for content creators. For example, Theta Token allows for micropayments to be made to content creators, meaning that they can be rewarded for their content in real-time. This is particularly important for content creators who rely on their content for income.

Another key feature of Theta Token is its ability to provide a better user experience for viewers. By utilizing a decentralized network, Theta Token is able to provide faster and more reliable streaming for viewers, without the need for buffering or other interruptions.

How Does Theta Token Work?

Theta Token works by utilizing a decentralized network of nodes. These nodes are operated by users who have excess bandwidth and computing resources that they are willing to share with others on the network.

When a user wants to access video content on the Theta network, they send a request to the nearest node. The node then retrieves the video content from other nodes on the network and streams it to the user. The user is then rewarded with Theta Tokens for sharing their excess bandwidth and computing resources with the network.

In addition to the streaming of video content, Theta Token can also be used for other purposes, such as the creation of smart contracts and the storage of data.


Theta Token is a cryptocurrency that has been specifically designed for the streaming and sharing of video content. Its value proposition lies in its ability to provide a decentralized solution to the problems associated with traditional video hosting services. By incentivizing users to share their excess bandwidth and computing resources, Theta Token is able to provide a more cost-effective solution for content creators and a better user experience for viewers.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, the demand for decentralized solutions to problems such as video content sharing is only going to increase. Theta Token is well-positioned to meet this demand, and its value proposition is likely to continue to grow in the years to come.

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Simple Ways to Save for Your Future




People are often so focused on their current situation that they do not pay enough attention to saving for the future. It is important to keep one eye on the future and find ways to save money over time, but what are the best ways to do this? There are a few simple ways to save for your future that could make a big difference to your life down the line.

Creating Savings

One of the best ways to build wealth for the future is with a fixed-rate bond. Essentially, this is a savings account that will hold your money for a pre-determined period of time. You will get a fixed interest rate and this is generally higher than what you would get in an easy-access savings account. Provided that you are happy to put your money away for 1 year+, this can be a highly effective way to make money from your savings.


Investing can be a smart way to build your wealth over the long term. Of course, there is always risk with any kind of investment, but there are some investments that are considered safer than others. It is important to educate yourself before making any kind of investment and to only invest money that you do not need access to in the short term. An index fund is a good option for beginners and most experts agree that these are smart for long-term investors.

Take Control of Your Spending

You certainly want to find ways to make more money, but you also need to address your spending. You should go through all of your regular expenses and find ways to make savings whether this is shopping at a cheaper supermarket, cutting back on a luxury item or switching providers. This will then give you more money to save and make more money from.

Differentiate Between “Want” and “Need”

We want many things in our lives. But all those are not necessary. Therefore, you should differentiate between want and need. You should follow a strict restriction on your spending, especially when something does not match with your financial goals.

Make a Plan with Your Partner

If you live with someone or are married to someone, then you have to communicate with your partner and together you should prepare a plan for household finances. Both you need to discuss your desires and decide on where to prioritize.

Don’t Ignore Your Pension

It is also important to consider your pension and the earlier that you do this the better. The money that you put into the pension now will compound and grow over a long time period, so you want to contribute as much as you can without making a difficult financial situation for yourself.

Review Your Spending

We actually don’t realize how much we spend every month and where we spend our money unless we review our spending. Therefore, reviewing your spending is a great idea to clear understand where you can cut your expenses and how you can improve your saving.

Consider Your Children

You can also teach your children to save money for future. Your children will learn from you that they need to wait to purchase something that they want. You should also help children to recognize particular ways to save money and make wise choices. 

These are some of the best and simplest ways to save for the future. It is always important to plan financially for the future and the earlier that you start doing this the better so that your money can grow and compound over time. However, you should also enjoy life besides preparing a plan to save money for future.

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Don’t Invest Your Emergency Fund… Unless




Getting the most out of your emergency fund is hard these days. The average savings rate isn’t keeping pace with inflation, which means your money is losing value the longer it sits in a basic account. All that lost earning potential can make you break one of the most important rules of emergency funds: don’t invest.

As a general rule, you should never invest your emergency fund. Investments can tie up money that’s supposed to be available at the drop of a hat. These delays can complicate an already difficult financial situation if you can’t access your cash for urgent repairs or expenses.

But as the saying goes, all rules are meant to be broken. There might be times when investing some of your emergency fund can strengthen your financial health. How much you have sitting in your savings is an important distinction that can help you decide whether investments are right for you.

How Much Should You Save in Your Emergency Fund?

Financial advisors recommend saving three to six months of living expenses in your emergency fund.

If you aren’t quite there yet, your emergency fund may fall short of what you need. In an emergency, online loans can help pick up the slack.

Online loans provide quick and convenient applications, so you don’t waste any time wondering if you qualify. If approved, a financial institution like MoneyKey can deposit your funds directly into the account of your choice. This way, your online loan is just as accessible as savings would be, making them a fast-acting solution in an emergency.

Why You Shouldn’t Invest Your Emergency Fund

If you rely on online loans, or you’re still working towards saving up three to six months of expenses, investing your emergency fund is a bad idea. It could delay how quickly you get your hands on your cash, and your fund could even lose value.

1. Timing

Your savings should be easy to access at any time. After all, an emergency can crash-land in your life without any warning — morning, noon, or night.

Most basic savings accounts allow you to transfer your savings whenever you want online, with very short processing times.

Investments are different. Depending on how you invested your money, you might have locked your money into a specific term. Withdrawing before its maturity date is possible, but it can take time to cut through the bureaucratic red tape.

2. Penalties

Paperwork isn’t the only headache of withdrawing from your investments early. You may also face steepcash penalties. You’ll also have to factor in how this withdrawal affects taxes.

3. Lost Value

You can’t predict when you’ll deal with an emergency or the eventual expense that comes with it. That means you can’t strategically time your withdrawal to maximize their value. Your funds may not even retain their original value if you’re forced to withdraw when your stocks take a nosedive.

When Can You Invest Your Emergency Savings?

Let’s say you’ve finally reached your goal of six months. Congratulations! Only roughly27% of American households can boast this achievement.

At this point, do you put a stop to your emergency savings? No, but how you save them should change.

Top up this account any time you use it, but don’t over contribute beyond three or six months. Rather than exceeding your goal in a basic account, you should funnel the excess into investments.

This way, you have the best of both worlds. One, you’ll keep the liquidity of a fully stocked emergency fund with a basic account. And two, you’ll start to maximize your earnings potential through tax-advantaged investments that promise a higher return rate.

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