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How Can I Tell If My Tile Is Ceramic or Porcelain?




Whether you are prepping for a remodel, new construction, or even an exciting DIY project, you should know what your project needs. Typically, we like to pick from the options given to us by contractors, designers, or shop managers. But how do you choose without having all the information that helps you know what suits you better?

For example, picking out suitable tiles is an excruciating exercise but has a lot of importance. But even more important is knowing how to identify them while in the market. One of the most common challenges faced while scouting for tiles is differentiating between porcelain and ceramic tiles. Their overall appearance is very close, which could be pretty confusing. So here we present to you a simple guide that will assist you on how to differentiate between the two materials and which one to choose for your needs.

The Basics

So why do these two materials confuse you? Well, probably because they belong to the same family and they are almost like cousins. So, often even sellers interchange the terms ceramic and porcelain while you are shopping for them in the market.  But ceramic tile manufacturer can easily guide you on how to differentiate between the two.

And why do you need to know the difference? Well, the differences between the two materials typically tell you when to choose one over the other. It will make sure you are investing in the right materials to enjoy the best benefits.

Material Differences

On the material level, ceramic tiles derive from natural clay that goes through baking in a kiln. The process continues with the application of glaze that eliminates the water from the tile. Porcelain derives from a denser variety of clay and an introduction of ground sand to enhance its texture. The preparation process occurs at a very high temperature, and the baking time is also longer than that of ceramic tiles. Therefore, the efficiency of water removal from the material is much higher in this case.

Porcelain is typically created without the use of glaze that causes the color to run throughout the piece. It, in fact, efficiently covers up chips, damages, and cracks. In the case of glazed porcelain tiles, these imperfections are easily visible.

Observe the glaze on the tile and check if you notice a tan or white base. If so, you have a ceramic tile in hand. High-quality porcelain tiles are not typically glazed and tend to carry consistent color distribution on all tile parts. It can help you differentiate the two materials.

Also, porcelain tiles express a smooth-grained finish compared to ceramic tiles, even in unglazed form. Touch the non-glazed surface of the tile to check if it is coarse or bumpy. If yes, then you have a ceramic tile. If it feels porous, it means your porcelain tile is probably unglazed.


Compared to ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles absorb less water due to the high density and fewer pores of the base material. These properties also make it hard to cut, shape, and install porcelain compared to ceramic and other non-porcelain materials.

You can use this fact to differentiate between ceramic and porcelain tiles at the store. Read the water absorption specification on the product. If the water absorption is <0.5% or carries a Mohs rating of 7 or above, your tile is porcelain. If the absorption rating is <3%, then it is ceramic. Also, the term polished on the product is an indication that the tiles are porcelain.

The edges are also a primary giveaway for ceramic tiles. The glaze on top of ceramic tiles gives a smooth color and finish compared to the porcelain. Also, porcelain tiles are harder to chip away from compared to ceramic. So, you access the damage and finish of your tile to know the material.


Well, honestly, price points are not a differentiating factor between the two materials. Both of them are an economical choice for your homes and offices. The only factor that influences the prices is the density of the material. High-density porcelain is generally more expensive than ceramic.


The difference in nature of the two materials makes them more useful in different applications. The higher water absorption capacity of ceramic makes it a useful choice for home interiors, walls, floors, and areas with low foot traffic. The material supports intricate designs and styles that are relevant to modern-day designing needs. But that said, ceramic is a less dense material that is quite prone to damages and cracking, especially from cold weather. It makes the material a good choice only for interior uses.

Porcelain, on the other hand, is denser and therefore hard to mend into different shapes. It absorbs less water and is more durable, making it the best choice for both exteriors and interior applications like in bathrooms. Porcelain tiles generally come with simple designs that are suitable for home and office needs. But they are a little brittle, which makes them susceptible to cracking.


Porcelain and Ceramic tiles are the most common choices for home and commercial construction needs. Although the two materials belong to the same family, they express slight differences influencing their relevant applications. Use these essential tips to differentiate between the two materials to make the best choice.

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How to Pick a Floor Steamer



A steam cleaner is the god of cleanliness. It disinfects, degreases, washes and irons. The principle of operation is simple: the device produces steam that removes even stubborn dirt. A manual cleaner heats up in 3 minutes. The hot jet easily penetrates narrow gaps and hard-to-reach places, in this way, steam destroys microorganisms on hard surfaces and soft furniture without chemicals.

Many of us have heated floors. Washing the seams on the tiles is quite a challenge! On a heated surface, chemicals evaporate faster and this is also harmful to health. On the contrary,  a floor steamer works more delicately. Besides, it cleans not only the floor but also the air: it destroys 99.9% of bacteria and microbes without using detergents.

The design of such devices is thought out to the smallest detail, so it is convenient to change nozzles. A steam cleaner has convenient nozzles for cleaning different surfaces. The average steam pressure of such devices is 3.2 bar, it emits discharged steam, so you need to protect your hands from burns. Of course, the characteristics depend on the chosen model.

How to Select a Floor Steamer

Choosing a good steam cleaner can be an easy task. Look at the four essential criteria to make a correct choice.

  • Maximum steam pressure:

It is the force of steam injection that determines the temperature of the jet: the stronger the pressure, the hotter the steam. In models with a pressure of 3 bar and higher, the steam flow heats up to + 133ºС.

To maintain cleanliness, a steam supply of 10-30 g/min is enough. For serious work, choose professional models that produce a powerful steam cloud with a volume of 80-100 g/min.

  • Volume and features of the tank:

They are divided into models with built-in and removable tanks. Each of them has its own specifics that impact the speed of work and ease of use.

It is convenient to add water to the removable tank at any time, so you will clean without being distracted. The optimal volume is from 1 to 1.5-2 liters. In professional units, the tank has a bigger capacity – more than 2 liters, and the water in it is enough for an hour of cleaning.

  • Device power:

The heating time of the device depends on it. For manual devices, 1,000-1,600 W is optimal, you should not choose a smaller one, as you will not get the proper cleaning result.

More effective devices have a power of 1500-2300 W. To reduce the heating time, pour boiling water into the tank. After cleaning, be sure to drain the remaining water from the tank and rinse the nozzles with running water.

  • The scope of supply:

The higher the cost of the unit, the more diverse the set of nozzles. But the best solution is to check their designation and determine which of them are necessary for you.

Final Words

A floor steamer will become an irreplaceable assistant for your household cleaning. Devote some time to make the right choice, and you will be undeniably satisfied with your acquisition.

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How to Recreate Your Bathroom in One Day?




Remodeling your house is fascinating process, but also a tough, money and time-consuming activity. That is the reason by it is so common to put off house remodels, since there are always other more important things to deal with,

Nevertheless, currently there are many materials and ideas that make remodels much fast and easy. For instance, a bathroom remodel can be done in just one day. This is a great option, since having your bathroom closed for weeks is quite an issue.

There are many bathroom remodeling solutions that you can use to create a completely new and modern environment without interrupting your daily routine at all. Furthermore, you can totally take advantage of Black Friday discounts to remodel your bathroom and avoid spending a lot of money on it.

One day remodel projects

At this point you probably are wondering how a one-day bathroom remodel can be done. Let’s go through it.

There are many companies that offer the complete service of analyzing your bathroom situation and creating the perfect remodel plan to be executed in one day. Even though prices can differ, there are many affordable options available that can be a solution if you are on a budget.

Most remodel companies combine experts that create a project specifically tailored for your bathroom and construction products that ensure the quality and beauty of the project.

Step by step

When thinking of bathroom remodeling, it is quite common to imagine a major project in which fixture, such as vanities, toilets and showers are replaced. But nowadays, a bathroom remodel can be done in a completely different way.

Do you want to replace your old toilet? You may want to opt for a commercial-grade toilet that’s quick and easy to install. Doing so not only saves you time but also money since you won’t be needing the help of—and pay for—a plumber or contractor. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your new toilet will function well for a very long time, even when in constant use.

Instead of replacing every fixture on the bathroom, the remodeling process can focus on improving the place by re skinning the elements it already have with new and attractive materials.

Even though, in some cases a major replacement of fixtures may be needed, in most cases, bathroom remodeling is more about upgrading the style of the room or creating new spaces that are needed.

The process usually starts with experts talking to customers in order to fully understand what they need and what are their expectations of the process.

After that, they create a project with a budget and present it to the customers. If they approve the idea and the budget, the day of the remodeling is fixated and in just one day the work is done.

How much a one-day remodeling can cost?

Costs depends on which type of remodeling is needed and which are the materials chosen to do it, so it is hard to provide a straight answer to that question.

Nevertheless, bathroom remodels tend to be expensive, especially if they require major fixture replacement. Fixtures are posh, so having to replace them implies a significant amount of money.

For instance, a complete bathroom remodeling with major fixture replacement can cost from $5500 to $25000, depending on the quality of the elements chosen and the size of the bathroom.

But, as we mentioned before, you can totally remodel your bathroom without changing its fixtures. Thus, if you just need to re skin the place by updating its style, there are much more affordable options.

Moreover, labor costs are approximately a 60% of the budget. So, if you go to a major bathroom remodeling you will not only need money to afford fixtures and other materials, but also to cover the labor costs of a major remodeling. Instead, if you do a quick and easy bathroom remodel, you will save in materials and in labor costs.

To sum up

Remodeling your bathroom seems and impossible task, mainly if you are used to the traditional way of making changes in the house which implies to demolish everything and start from zero. But, nowadays, there are many ways of remodeling without making major changes. New materials and new ideas have come to create a much more easy, fast and affordable way to upgrade your house. As a consequence, choosing a one-day bathroom remodeling is definitely the best option, since it allows you to go through the remodeling process quickly, without changing your routine at all and in a a much more affordable way.

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3 Reasons Why Wallpaper Is Becoming So Popular




Are you confused about whether to paint your walls or choose wallpaper? Don’t worry, we are here to clear your confusion and make your renovation process easier.

Everyone wants to have a house that is designed in a way that reflects their thoughts at first glance. The design of your walls should represent your personal values. This requires a lot of effort, time, and money. In order to make the walls look aesthetic in your house, office, or any other place, you have to take into consideration many factors. These factors include the color combination, texture, elegance, and smoothness of the paint. Wallpaper is an affordable and graceful solution to all your problems regarding renovation.

Here are 3 reasons why one should prefer wallpaper over any other available option.  

1. Easy to Choose

It is becoming so popular to use wallpaper to decorate the walls of your office, bedroom, living room, or any wall in your house. This is because they are easier to choose and apply than painting. A huge variety of wallpapers are available in the market as well as online. 

Popular peel and stick wallpaper available online can make your house or office walls look classic. Peel and stick wallpaper provides strong adhesion over long periods of time. You have selected a design theme for your wallpaper, but you are not satisfied with the color scheme. Feel relaxed, since you can virtually pick the color of your choice from unlimited color options for that wallpaper. You can custom design your wallpaper as many times as you like and still receive it at your door in as little as five business days. What else can make you happy other than this?

2. Long Lasting

Second, wallpaper is more durable than paint. Due to moisture or any accidental collision, paint peels off easily, whereas wallpaper can tolerate such damage. Wallpaper is cost-effective because once you have purchased it, you don’t need to change or refinish it for many years. Another reason for the longevity of wallpaper is that it is smooth, making it easier to clean than paint. Any dirt spot can be wiped off with just a wet towel. When it comes to paint, any force or scratch can easily crack its texture. It’s up to you now which option you want to go for.

3. Huge Variety of Styles

Last but not least, wallpaper offers a huge variety of sophisticated styles, which is difficult to achieve when using paint. Different themes for your wallpaper could be animated, floral, geometric, tropical, stripped or classic. Modern living room wallpaper ideas allow you to express your creativity more freely.  Living room is a place where you spend more than half of your waking hours and the room where guests will first enter. Therefore, it should be well designed and make you feel majestic. You can accomplish your home decoration goals flawlessly while saving money and time by using wallpaper instead of paint.

We hope this article has clarified your confusion so you can confidently choose wallpaper to decorate your dream home or office. 

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