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How to Make a Sassy Flower Crown with Fresh Flowers




Flowers are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and prettiness to any event. Moreover, flower crowns are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why. This is one accessory that can be worn for any occasion or no occasion at all. It’s easy to make and works best with fresh flowers that are in full bloom. You can buy or pick your favourite flowers from flower delivery in Toronto by and create a beautiful flower crown.

It is a perfect accessory that is fun and simple to make. Besides, it goes with any dress you have in your closet. Whether it’s rustic chic style or just something bohemian for a casual day out, this DIY will make anyone feel like royalty. Also, don’t forget about the best part; making them yourself is surely cheaper than buying one from a retailer.

This blog column will show you how to make a sassy flower crown with fresh flowers. No matter what colour plan you’re going for, these instructions will help turn any head.

Supplies You Will Need to Make a Fresh Flower Crown

The perfect crown for your special day is waiting for just a few supplies away. All you’ll need are,

  • Floral wire
  • Secateurs or sharp scissors
  • Fresh flowers
  • Floral wire cutters
  • Ribbon (your choice)
  • Greenery springs
  • Florist’s copper wire on a spool
  • Coldwater in a small container

Which Flowers Will Work Best for This DIY Project?

You can find plenty of suitable stems for flower crowns. If you’re making it in a different season, always go with seasonal flowers such as Camellia and Coneflower during winter. In addition, Dahlias and Dianthus when Autumn comes around.

Apart from this, hardy flowers that don’t droop as fast work great in flower crowns. Go for statement blooms with thin stems; they are lighter and will be less likely to slide out of place on your head than heavier ones would be.

How Long Does a Flower Crown Last?

Fresh flowers don’t last as long if they’re out of water. So make your flower crown on the day of the event and store them in a vase filled with cold water. This will hydrate and refresh these beautiful blooms so that you can enjoy their beauty all day long without having to worry about them wilting during the special occasion.

Steps to Make a Sassy Flower Crown with Fresh Flowers

Here, we have shared some easy instructions for you to make your own flower crown in no time at all, let’s check it out.

1. Measure your head and add 2 inches

If you are going to wear this flower crown over your hairstyle, get the hair into that particular style first. Some styles like French braids and braid-on crowns can add bulk, so ensure it’s not too tight or loose on top of the head when measuring.

2. Cut a piece of strong wire as per the measurement

The best method to make sure you have a strong floral arrangement is by using thicker, heavier flowers. Choose an option that has some kind of paper around it so the florist’s tape will stick better, and don’t cut wires with scissors because this can dull them. Use wire cutters instead.

3. Make a loop

To make a headband, first, place two pieces of wire together at one end. Next, use the florist’s tape and wrap it around the whole length from loop to loop to create an overhand bow shape. Finally, bend up into whatever form you want for stability.

4. Select your flowers and chop the stems down

When you are cutting the stems, make sure they’re all around 5-8 centimetres long. This will help with making your flower crown neater in the end. Try using large, medium, or small flowers, depending on what type of look you want. This way, it will give more variety to your floral crown.

5. Attach foliage first

Attach the copper wire to your flower crown headband by wrapping it a few times. Pick up some fresh foliage and place them on top for decoration. Start at one end, carefully weave in between until you get back towards where you started. Make sure not to keep it too tight or loose so that everything stays attached securely.

6. It’s time to add some beautiful fresh flowers

To create a full and wild effect, use flowers that are mixed with leaves. First, lay out the flower on top of your headband where you want it. Then, secure its stem with copper wire by wrapping around it several times or tying it in opposite directions, so it can’t bend any more than necessary. Next, add other plants as needed until all have been used up from those laid out at the beginning. This will give a fantastic result when finished.

7. Tie a satin ribbon

To make your flower crown look extra worthy, cut two lengths of ribbon. The longer it is, the more hanging down in the back. Now, double one length and thread both ends through a loop, then secure it like a tassel on each side.

8. Time to glow

Appreciate your handy work, and take a bow with the ribbon, so it fits easily. Now enjoy feeling like royalty while shining brighter than the sun. The best tip for keeping your flower crown fresh is to spritz it with water throughout the day. A travel spray bottle filled up will do and fits in any purse.


With this guide, you should be all set to make a beautiful, sassy flower crown with fresh flowers that will last for days. Make sure to keep the flowers in water if they are going to sit out. And don’t forget about your camera; take pictures of yourself with your new floral crown and share them on social media. They also make a great gifting option if you know someone who loves flowers but doesn’t have time to craft one for themselves. Have fun making this gorgeous creation today.

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A Plunge Pool: Why Should Your Resort Invest in One?




When you speak of luxury resorts and retreats, creating an exciting and unforgettable guest experience is of immense importance. It is the slight of details that often make the most massive difference. One such feature that has acquired a lot of popularity in recent years is the Plunge Pool.

This private, compact oasis promises a host of benefits that not only enhance the overall guest experience but even uplift the status of your resort in the contemporary competitive hospitality industry. This post will share with you why you must have this type of pool in your resort. 

What Is a Plunge Type of Pool?

A plunge type of pool is just like a small, private pool. Most of the time you can see them in fancy resorts or even nice homes. It is not meant for swimming like big pools but it is more for unwinding. You can simply sit in it and chill out.

Plunge type of pools are cozy and can be warm or even cool, making them wonderful for different seasons and weathers. People can feel private and relaxed in such areas. 

Immense level of Exclusivity and Privacy

You should have this type of pool in your resort because then you can get an unparalleled sense of exclusivity and privacy that it provides to all your guests. Contrary to the communal swimming pools, plunge type of pools are characteristically reserved for specific kind of accommodations, ensuring that guests have their own personal and exclusive sanctuary to unwind and even relax in complete seclusion.

Such sort of premium exclusivity fosters a sense of indulgence and even makes guests feel truly loved and pampered.

Ultimate Relaxation

The intimate size of plunge pools promotes a serene and tranquil atmosphere. Guests can fully immerse themselves in the calming waters, free from the hustle and bustle often associated with larger pools.

The soothing effect of the water combined with the seclusion of the space creates an oasis of relaxation, allowing guests to escape from the stresses of everyday life.

Provide a Great Aesthetic Appeal

There is no doubt that plunge kind of pools are like beautiful, even eye-catching features in the outdoor area of your resort. They are available in different shapes and designs that can conveniently fit in with the general look of the buildings.

No matter they are surrounded by lots of green plants, even have a stunning view, or are a part of a fancy city setting, these are the pools that make your resort appear even more fascinating.

This makes a robust and positive impression on the folks staying at your resort. You can even check out option of lap pool dubai for your space for added charm and chic.

Amazing Health and Well-being Perks 

You know what, other than the obvious leisurely benefits, these pools even offer a range of health benefits. The hydrostatic pressure of the water in them helps in improving blood circulation and even drops the overall swelling, making it a brilliant therapeutic option for your guests seeking relief from any sort of muscle tension or joint pain.

Additionally, the soothing impact of water has been proven to drop the overall stress and endorse a sense of mental well-being.

Enjoy Temperature Control and Versatility

Plunge type of pools offer the advantage and ease of being able to control the water temperature. Hence, such a thing provides a refreshing respite from the heat in warm and humid climates or a cozy retreat on chilling days.

This versatility ensures that your guests can enjoy the pool year-round, regardless of weather conditions. It even adds up an extra layer of comfort as well as convenience, further uplifting their overall experience.

Remarkable Romantic Escapades

You have no idea that For couples seeking a romantic and loving getaway, a plunge kind of pool can be the epitome of immense love and intimacy. The seclusion and even tranquillity it offers create a perfect setting for couples to reconnect and even create cherished memories together.

A beautiful candlelit evening by the plunge pool, having the sound of water gently cascading, sets the entire stage for a truthfully magical experience. of course, your guests are going to love this exclusive personal time with their partner or loved one.

Unique Selling Proposition or USP

Ah, in the realm of this saturated market, it’s essential for your resort have a unique selling proposition that sets it apart from competitors. A plunge type of pool is a distinctive feature that can be a robust marketing tool.

It turns out to be a key selling point in promotional materials and even entices potential guests looking for that additional level of luxury and exclusivity.

You Get Positive Guest Reviews and Reputation

Happy guests are more probable to say nice things about your resort and share with their friends why they should go there. Having a special pool can be definitely something guests really like and speak of in their reviews. This can make other fellows who might visit in the future desire to come too.

Once people get to say great things about your resort online or to their overall friends, it makes your resort even more in limelight and special to people who care a lot about where they choose to stay when traveling.

Enhanced Revenue Potential

Though it is true that the initial investment in installing type of plunge pools may seem substantial, the returns they bring you can be significant in terms of better level of room rates and overall revenue.

Guests are most of the times willing to pay a premium for accommodations that owns private plunge sort of pools, viewing them as a sign of lavishness and even an elevated level of service. Such an additional degree of revenue stream can contribute substantially to the financial success of your amazing resort.

Enhanced level of Guest Loyalty

Making sure your guests have a really good time is definitely important for making them want to come back. Once you have a proper and special pool, it can make their stay really special and even something they’ll always remember.

Guests or visitors who’ve had the luxury of a private plunge pool are more probable to come back to your resort again. All this helps you in building a group of loyal clients.


To sum up You should talk to the experts who can install pools in your resort. Since you have an idea about the charm and importance of having a plunge type of pool, make sure that you speak with landscape companies and get the perks it has to offer to your resort.

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Find Your Perfect Fit: A Guide to Women’s CrossFit Shorts




When it comes to excelling in CrossFit training, having the right gear is absolutely crucial. One essential item that every CrossFit enthusiast needs is a pair of excellent quality shorts. Women’s CrossFit shorts are designed to offer comfort and support during workout sessions. With the market flooded with options, finding your pair can be overwhelming.

But fear not!

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the factors to consider when searching for the fit in women’s CrossFit shorts.

1. The Importance of Material

The material of your CrossFit shorts plays a role in ensuring your comfort and performance. Look out for shorts crafted from high-quality fabrics that have moisture-wicking properties like polyester or nylon. These fabrics are specifically engineered to keep you dry by drawing sweat from your skin. Additionally, they are quick drying – two aspects when it comes to high-intensity workouts.

Beyond moisture-wicking capabilities, consider the fabric’s thickness and durability. Given that CrossFit involves a range of movements such as squats, lunges, and box jumps, it becomes imperative to opt for shorts made from durable fabric that can withstand these motions without tearing or becoming see-through.

When choosing the best CrossFit shorts for women, opting for a blend of polyester and spandex is great. This combination offers a balance of durability and flexibility.

2. Coverage

The length of your CrossFit shorts is a matter of preference. Some women feel more comfortable in shorts, while others prefer lengthier ones. The key is to select a length that allows for movement.

For those who like it short, going for a 3 to 4-inch inseam is quite popular. These shorts provide freedom of movement and can help keep you cooler during intense workouts. If you prefer more coverage, look for shorts with a 5 6-inch inseam. These longer shorts offer added protection for your thighs during activities like rope climbs or wall balls.

3. Waistband Comfort

The waistband on your CrossFit shorts should be both comfortable and secure. Look for shorts with a waistband that sits comfortably on your hips without digging in or rolling down while you exercise. Opting for a high-rise waistband can also provide coverage and support.

Consider whether you’d like a drawstring or elastic waistband based on your preference. A drawstring allows you to customize the fit of your shorts, while an elastic waistband offers a snugger and feel.

Some brands even provide a combination of both options to give you flexibility and customization.

4. Compression and Support

CrossFit athletes often choose compression shorts because they offer support and help stabilize muscles. These shorts can enhance blood circulation, reduce muscle fatigue, and ultimately improve performance and recovery. If you prefer compression shorts, look for ones that strike a balance between providing compression and allowing flexibility.

If you’re not a fan of compression shorts, consider opting for fitted shorts that offer support with a supportive waistband. Look for shorts with reinforced stitching in areas that undergo stress, such as the crotch and inner thigh, to ensure their durability during workouts.

5. Pockets and Storage

Having pockets in your CrossFit shorts can be quite convenient as they allow you to store essentials like keys, cards, or your phone. Make sure to choose shorts with pockets that securely hold your belongings during exercise. Some shorts have zippered pockets for added security.

Remember that pockets may add some bulkiness and weight to your shorts, so consider whether you prefer a design or the added convenience of having pockets.

6. Style and Design

While functionality and performance should be prioritized when choosing workout attire, there’s no harm in wanting to look good while exercising.

CrossFit shorts offer a range of styles and designs to cater to preferences. Whether you prefer colors or bold patterns, some shorts will showcase your personal style and boost your confidence during workouts.


When searching for women’s CrossFit shorts, it’s important to consider factors including the material, length, waistband comfort, compression and support pockets, storage options, and overall style and design.

By taking these aspects into account and trying out choices, you’ll be able to discover the pair of shorts that will elevate your CrossFit performance while ensuring comfort throughout your workouts. So get ready to dominate your WOD with a touch of flair!

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Nature Exploration: Learning about Animals with Wooden Toy Figurines




The omnipresent use of plastic in modern toys will surprise no one, but did you know that for centuries, it was wooden toys that kindled the imagination of small children? From Ancient Greek wooden horses to the 19th century’s Noah’s Ark, replete with animals of all breeds — the history of wooden toys is long and fruitful.

So, what made the wooden toys so successful, and why investing in them might be a good idea?  

1. Sensory development

In the early years of development, sensory experiences are among the key contributors to a child’s cognitive advancement. Therefore, employing toys made of various materials in your kid’s play routine is always a great choice. Whether it’s a bit of plasticine, some cuddly plushie giraffe, or a cute rosy wooden unicorn, the answer remains the same: the more tactile experiences, the better.

Tip: Ensure your kid’s safety by looking for high-quality toys that use safe paints. Bimi Boo Toys are exactly what you need. The brand has a great collection of toys, and we recommend starting your search with it.

2. Discover new animals

Wooden figurine toys will introduce new species and spark further conversations about the animals. Where does this animal live? What kind of sound does it make? Does it have a home, and what does it eat? Such small chats will help broaden the horizons and create new imaginary landscapes for future games. And every new wooden animal puzzle will add more joy and curiosity!  

3. Become an empath

Pretend play is among the most popular forms of games kids engage in, which contributes to their further socialization. When playing with wooden animal figurines, children learn to exhibit compassion, understanding, and empathy. Imagining all the possible lives of animals will contribute to developing respect and kindness for other living creatures.

4. Kindle creativity

Children can build an imaginary kingdom rife with animals of different provenances: farm animals, undomesticated creatures from the woodlands, etc. Whether your child decides to create a farm or become an explorer of the mysterious verdant forests, wooden toy figurines will only strengthen your child’s imagination. 

5. A toy of multiple use  

Wooden figurines are a perfect choice for multi-use toys. Also known as open-ended toys, their key advantage is that they can be played with in various ways: whether individually or in large groups, combined with other toys or alone — the sky is the limit.

It is a well-known fact that there are no restrictions to a child’s imagination. Choosing the right toy will help enhance cognitive development, kindle creativity, and foster empathy towards the living creatures of the planet.

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