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Importance of small text in digital marketing





Today is the world of technology and advancement, we people live in a virtual and online world more than in our physical lives. More overly, now our business also shifts towards the online sites, and to increase the productivity of digital marketing, small text is an epic and excellent tool.

To enhance your marketing practices and to get the desired success from what you do, you need to have a unique approach to what you do. The use of small text or tiny text is a simple yet effective way to get the readers and viewers engaged in your content. In this post, we will try to cover how small text can be effective in digital marketing.

What is small text?

Small text which is also known as tiny or fancy text is a combination of different Unicode characters that has a smaller size than the normal text. The small text comes in various forms such as superscript, subscript, bold, upside down, bubble text, etc. There are being used widely on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and other electronic media like emails, text messages, etc. which makes your text more attractive and tempting for the audience and helps you to stand out in the crowd. 

In today’s world of moderation and advancement, generating a small text is very easy. All you have to do is to choose a small text generator website and then process a small text that you can copy and paste on whatever site you want.

Digital marketing:

Digital marketing is to so marketing and promotion of a brand or product using the internet or other electronic media which helps to connect and interact with the potential customers so that their product or brand can get recognition and then people will buy them which increases the businesses profits.

To build a good digital marketing platform such in a form of a website or social media account, it is very important to make it attractive, appealing, and interesting for the audience so that people approach them which will increase their productivity and business profits. You can buy Instagram, Facebook, Reddit account for sale that already have followers to enhance your marketing efforts. The certain aspects that make a good digital marketing website are a colourful outlet, product photography, proper promotion, textual information, etc.

Textual information is very important as the customer cannot get every detail related to the product by just seeing an image. Some digital marketers only focus on product photography as people get more attracted by that but making the text interesting is also another element that can get the audience’s attention. 

Importance of small text in digital marketing:

Following are some of the advantages that clarify the importance of small text in digital marketing:

Online discoverability:

Online presence holds great importance and with no qualm, digital marketing is one of the best ways out there to educate people and make your brand outshine other counter brands out there. The use of small text is limited as it only changes the normal text you write somewhere but as the usage of text is extensive, small text can come in handy in many scenarios like for social media posts. As this text is visually different from the normal, it grabs the attention of readers which ultimately means your text is getting impressions that will, later on, convert into leads and sales.

SEO optimization:

If you do not have an idea of what SEO is, in simple words, it is a combination of techniques and strategies to rank a website on the first page of the search engine. Most people prefer to click on the first or second website to get the answer to their queries and SEO helps in achieving these positions. When you use small text in the content pages of your site, you will get more traffic that leads which creates a sense of trust and Google automatically improves your position in the searches. High traffic and rank mean more people are going to buy your product or get the services you are offering.

Betterment of the content:

Proper taglines and engaging titles are a must for digital marketing and without these, you are just wasting your time, energy and money. You won’t get much response. As humans tend to pay attention to unique things, small text can become a great addition to your posts, articles and other, form of texts that you will use in your marketing campaign. Using these will show your readers that you are putting extra effort which will build your trust among customers and other people.

Finding the Right Fonts for Digital Marketing

As for now, you know small text can be a game-changer but to get the most out of it, you need to be proactive in your work. Finding the right font is another way to maximize results. Choose fonts for legibility.  Legibility means how well individual character in a typeface is separate from one another.

However, bear in mind that fonts look great in headlines but they aren’t effective for the body copy. But there are some exceptions as well, there are some font faces that are specific to be used in the body or the headline. For instance, display faces are used particularly for large formats like headlines and text faces are designed to be used for large areas of copy and are specially meant to be used in passages.

Moreover, the shape of the characters also contributes to the font’s legibility. You may have heard about serif and/or sans-serif.  Serif fonts have small ‘feet’ tiling from the edges of symbols and letters. On the other hand, sans-serif fonts don’t have small lines bulging from the bends. So you need to choose a font as per the usage. You can use the font in both body copy and headline and improve the appearance of your content.

Now you know the importance and role of visual text in digital marketing. So, make sure to use small text and proper font to engage the readers and get the desired results from your project.

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Why You Should Consider a Used or Refurbished Transformer




In case you didn’t know, there is a shortage of transformers being caused by a shortage of raw materials. As a result, lead times for obtaining a new transformer are long.

It can take from 30 weeks to well over a year to acquire a new dry type transformer, so if you happen to need one, it’s recommended to buy one as soon as possible.

However, even if you order one now, you’ll still have to wait a while for it to arrive. In the meantime, you might want to consider buying a used or refurbished transformer. You can always resell it when your new transformer arrives.

If you’ve never looked into used and refurbished transformers, here’s why you should make this consideration.

Used transformers can be obtained quickly

If speed is essential for you to get moving, then buying a used transformer will help you get what you need fast. You might not be able to find exactly what you want, but that’s okay because at least you’ll have something while you look for or order the transformer you really want.

Utility companies across the United States are running out of transformers, and even they are having to wait to get new ones. If you can’t wait for your local utility company to get a transformer for you, you’ll have to source it yourself.

If you happen to be under any kind of pressure to install a transformer, time is of the essence, and you’ll be surprised at just how much a used transformer can help.

Used and refurbished transformers are cost-effective

Reports say that new transformers have risen in price by close to five times what they were prior to the shortage, and that’s going to put a dent in your bank account. However, when you buy a used or refurbished transformer, you’ll pay significantly less.

Refurbished transformers can be as good as new

Depending on what manufacturer you buy a refurbished transformer from, it could be as good as new. It all depends on the craftsmanship provided by the manufacturer. Some people don’t refurbish units properly or thoroughly, and others use cheap materials, like thin insulation that wears out too quickly. You want to avoid this situation at all costs because that will only make your transformer fail.

To get a dependable refurbished transformer, research the company you’re considering buying from to make sure they use the right materials and processes to restore their units to fully functioning, long-lasting transformers.

The downside to buying used transformers

Although a reputable manufacturer can refurbish a transformer and make it work like new, the same can’t be said for a used transformer. When you buy used, it’s a gamble and you never know what you’ll get until you have it installed and start using it for a while.

That doesn’t mean all used transformers are bad, but you have to consider why someone would sell a transformer in the first place, especially during a shortage. It’s possible and even likely that most people selling at this time have simply bought a replacement that is an upgrade, but that still means you’ll be getting an older unit.

Even when someone is selling it for honest reasons, you can’t guarantee it will work perfectly for any length of time. And if you don’t open it up to see how it’s insulated, you could end up with an exploded transformer when you least expect.

The downside to buying refurbished transformers

Unlike used transformers, refurbished units aren’t as much of a gamble, but there is a downside. If you have to spend several thousands of dollars on a refurbished transformer, that’s several thousand dollars less that you have to spend on a new transformer when one becomes available.

If you happen to have the extra cash available, get a refurbished unit to use until your new transformer arrives. Then you can sell the refurbished one and recover some of your costs. However, if you don’t have that extra cash flow, then you might be stuck using a refurbished one long-term.

That may or may not turn out well for you, so this is why it’s crucial to always buy from a reputable manufacturer who goes the extra mile to ensure their refurbished units are properly restored.

Don’t put off buying a transformer

If you need a transformer now, don’t put it off by holding out for a new one. If you wait for supply levels to return to normal, you might be waiting a while because experts say the shortage won’t end anytime soon. Get a used or refurbished transformer now, and then sell it after you get the new one you really want.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Bubble Chart Design Principles and Best Practices




An excellent mode of visualizing data in the digital world, the bubble chart can bring depth to your data-driven stories. Throughout time, experts have developed various design principles and best practices to augment their data storytelling using these multifaceted charts.

In this article, we explore the bubble chart design principles, their relevance, key components, effective strategies for designing, and best practices for enhancing their display.

Understanding Bubble Chart Design Principles

Understanding Bubble Chart Design Principles

Bubble charts, an intriguing variant of the scatter plots, use circles to showcase data in a two-dimensional plot. They incorporate a third data dimension through bubble size, which provides an excellent way to present three variables on a single plot.

A bubble chart is thus a multi-variable graph that might contribute valuable insights into often complex datasets.

The bubble chart’s design principles are based on the fundamentals of visual perception, data visualization, and design aesthetics. Each circle’s size signifies a specific metric, and the spatial positioning of the bubbles gives the other two metrics. Innovation in presentation and accuracy in representation is vital to bubble chart design.

The choice of scale is crucial in bubble charts. To create an accurate and effective chart, it’s important to always bear in mind that our eyes perceive areas and not diameters. Hence the design should cater to this perception.

Irrespective of whether you use bubble charts for academic research or data-driven storytelling, understanding its design principles will significantly improve your presentation and interpretation of data.

Key Components of a Bubble Chart

Key Components of a Bubble Chart

Understanding the key components of a bubble chart not only simplifies its interpretation but also aids in creating effective and accurate charts. Each bubble in the chart is defined by three data points: the X-coordinate, the Y-coordinate, and the size.

With the position along the horizontal and vertical axes, we describe the first two dimensions of the data. These positions often represent specific values for two distinct variables. They commonly show correlations or relationships between these two data points.

Bubble size contributes to the third data dimension. The size of each bubble is determined by the value of the third variable. This adds depth to the data, recommending the magnitude of a specific metric under study.

Color and bubble size, another two components, often function as visual cues, guiding viewers to find meaning in the presented information. Designing an effective bubble chart requires careful planning and execution.

Best Practices for Enhancing Bubble Chart Display

While designing a bubble chart is one thing, continually improving and enhancing its display is another essential aspect. The chart should be straightforward and intuitive to read, decipher, and understand.

To enhance the bubble chart display, consider adjusting the size and color of bubbles for contrast and clarity. Maintain a meaningful pattern or sequence with the display of bubbles for an easier and quicker grasp of information.

Regularly update bubble charts based on new data to maintain relevancy. Ensure simple and uncluttered design to enhance the focus on information and data trends rather than design elements.

Most importantly, always keep your audience in mind. A complicated bubble chart might be great for a data scientist, but it might not be suitable for your clients or the public.

Overall, bubble charts serve as powerful tools for data visualization, provided one understands and follows their design principles and best practices. They display complex and voluminous data while offering easy interpretation and comprehension of the visualized information.

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Is There an App to Make Someone Smile?




Photos in which people are smiling always evoke a lot of positive emotions. A serious face is not always appropriate, for example, during holidays, you always want to take positive pictures. But there are people whose smiles may appear too constrained or unnatural, and some may even be shy to smile.

If such a person is in a photo, and you want to improve it a bit, you can do it with the help of special applications. We have chosen three of the best ones to tell you how you can do this. By the way, they work on both the Android and iOS operating systems.


A very convenient and user-friendly application that can make even the grumpiest person smile. At the same time, everything will look very natural because a professional retoucher will work on the photo, not artificial intelligence. Using the app is very easy:

  1. Download and open it.
  2. Upload the photo you want to edit.
  3. Select the “Face” section.
  4. Choose the smile adding function.

You’ll have to wait for a while as real people will do the work manually. But the result is worth it – it will look natural, and no one will guess that the photo has been edited. You can see how to edit a smile and learn the functionality of the program at this link: Now, let’s move on!

YouCam Makeup

This application works on a different principle – based on artificial intelligence. It identifies the boundaries and parts of the face, highlights the lips, and then processes them as needed. You can add a smile to a person’s face with a single click, and the result will be highly expressive. Another option is to use a special slider that allows you to adjust the intensity of the smile.

The app is also convenient because it offers many additional features for photo editing. For example, along with the smile, you can retouch the cheeks to give them a rosy hue, and add a mischievous twinkle to the eyes.

Overall, this app produces a natural result, which is why it’s among the top three that you can easily use for your purposes.


Try this app to get the most natural smile that artificial intelligence can create. Here, control is done through a slider, so you can adjust the smile’s intensity yourself. This control is very convenient because you’re not limited to what the app provides; you can fine-tune the result as you like.

This app is also useful because you can simultaneously edit the fullness of the lips, the color of the teeth, and many other details to make the photo look natural and better than the original.

Which one to choose: an app with professional retouchers or AI?

The choice here depends on what’s more important to you. You should choose apps with professional retouchers if you:

  • Want the editing to be completely seamless.
  • Expect a maximally natural result.
  • Want a smile that suits you perfectly and looks organic.

Artificial intelligence has its advantages. You should choose it if speed is important to you (AI processes much faster, and you won’t have to wait) or if you want to have more control over how the smile looks in the photo.

In general, any of these apps will make your life easier if you’re smiling with downturned corners, look sad, or if someone else in the photo doesn’t fit in due to a lack of a smile. You can use them regularly, as they won’t degrade the photo quality, and then share your work with others on social media.

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