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Tips to Get Clients to Pay Their Invoices Punctually




As a business owner, you’ll face challenges at every corner. Billing is one of these challenges that comes up time and again.

Chasing up unpaid invoices and asking clients to settle their bills is always cause for discomfort. It’s even more challenging to ask for punctual payment without having to deal with the additional conflicts associated with delaying work submissions and adding late fees to clients’ tabs.

Thankfully, it’s possible to encourage clients to pay their invoices punctually without resorting to written requests, telephone calls and warnings.

Here are our top 10 tips for getting your clients to pay their bills by their due dates—or perhaps even earlier!

1. Ensure Your Contracts are Clear

If your business contracts don’t stipulate clear payment terms, it’s understandable that your clients may get confused and delay payment unwittingly.

Your contract should concisely describe the most crucial parts of your transactions. Each party involved should consent to these terms before a project begins.

No invoice is a legally binding document on its own. But a signed contract can guard your business against potential legal disputes over invoices.

It’s recommended that you negotiate payment terms upfront with your clients before you begin to work with them. These terms include fees, deadlines, payment methods, late payment penalties, and any other terms you may wish to include.

You can emphasize your payment terms, such as ‘due on receipt’ or ‘payable within 30 days’ on your physical invoice.

You may wish to request a deposit or upfront payment from your clients for larger projects. Their agreement to pay a deposit upfront is a sign of good faith on their part. It’s also an indicator that you will receive the rest of your payment once the task is complete.

Progress payments will improve your business’s cash flow and establish clear expectations with your clients to pay prior to the completion of their projects.

2. Offer a Range of Trusted Payment Options

Offering a range of payment options to your clients makes it easier and more convenient for them to pay their bills. This convenience will reduce the incidence of late payments to your organization and attract more clients.

It’s important to remain flexible in terms of the type of payments you are willing to accept, too. Some clients will want to pay you via direct bank transfer. Others will prefer using checks, eWallets, or credit cards.

Accepting these methods will give your clients a good reason to pay you promptly after you deliver on your side of the agreement.

3. Be Honest, Professional and Courteous

Be wise in your billing strategies and your clients will gladly pay your invoices as soon as they can. It’s important that your invoices are always consistent and accurate. And that you deliver them respectfully and professionally.

This will build trust between you and your clients. Clients who trust you and feel respected by you will usually be happy to pay right away.

We recommend using polite and professional invoicing language. Phrases like, “Thank you for your business” and “We appreciate your prompt payment” positively reinforce your message without sounding demanding.

4. Offer Retainers to Long-Term Clients

If you have clients that provide you with long-term projects, offering them a retainer can benefit them just as much as it benefits you.

Retainers enable your clients to know exactly how much they should pay you and when. This assists them in managing their budgets and making timely payments. It also ensures that you get paid quicker, so everyone wins.

5. Invoice Immediately After Completing Projects

It’s advisable to send out your invoices to clients as soon as you’ve completed a project as possible. Sending bills immediately links the completed work with its respective payment. Plus, it ensures that you’ve done everything in your power to minimize your waiting time.

Remember to make sure that your invoices clearly stipulate what your client is being charged for, along with your contact details and the payment terms for the transaction.

6. Create a Regular Payment Roster

Do your clients expect invoices from you at the start of each month, halfway through the month, or just after pay day? If so, it’s a good idea to deliver your bills during those specific time frames.

The more you can standardize your invoicing process, the better you will be able to negate any confusion that may arise over payments.

Make sure that your clients know you will be consistently billing them on certain dates, too.

7. Automate Your Invoicing System

Businesses that still send invoices in the mail often struggle to ensure that their clients pay them in good time. Mailed invoices can easily get lost or mis-routed, and manually mailing paperwork adds to your billing expenses.

You can automate the process using smart invoicing and accounting software to streamline your invoicing procedures. You can get your invoices directly to your clients as soon as you send them and keep your bills at the top of their to-do lists.

8. Switch to Cloud-Based Invoicing Platforms

Cloud-based invoicing management solutions give you the power to generate, edit, personalize and send invoices from anywhere. You can invoice from the office, at home, or on the go.

This makes revising invoices significantly easier. And it allows you to invoice immediately from wherever you may be to minimize future payment delays.

9. Follow Up with Your Clients

Have you sent out an invoice for which you still haven’t received payment a few weeks later?

Keep in touch with the client in question to ensure that they know that you’re aware of the status of the payment and willing to keep track of it.

It can be stressful to manage outstanding payments, especially if they are inhibiting your cash flow. But it’s important to address the situation proactively.

Sending friendly reminders at regular intervals is a great way to remind clients of outstanding payments without causing offense or upset.

10. Offer Small Discounts for Early Payments

If you want to encourage your clients to pay their invoices early, you can offer them small discounts from their total invoice amounts as an incentive.

Even a 2% discount on an invoice can offer a cost advantage to most clients. It may encourage them to pay earlier than your bill’s due date.

Make Getting Paid Easier

Your invoice management approach will vary according to the industry you’re in, the work you do, and the clients you deal with.

Not every approach will work for every client, so we recommend trying out a few different methods to see which ones best encourage your clients to pay their invoices punctually.

Remember to recognize and thank your clients who pay on time to encourage them to do the same in the future.

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How Much Does a Lawyer Charge for a DUI Case?




DUI is a severe offense, and one which can lead to jail time, license suspension/revocation, fines, and more. If you’re facing DUI charges in California, you can expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars before the case starts. Because trial attorneys are among the most expensive legal professionals in America, they will consider your financial situation when calculating their fees. Your starting point is going to be your ability to pay them as well as their hourly rates. Over the years, attorneys have adjusted their rates to keep pace with the state of the economy.

The amount you’ll have to pay will vary widely depending on where your case lands in the courts and whether you pay using cash or personal debt. If your lawyer is an experienced DUI attorney, they will be able to predict how much it will cost for them to take on your case. Once they do that, they can start calculating what you’ll need from them to get you the best possible outcome.

What Is a DUI?

California has a strict set of laws that cover DUI charges. If you drive with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or higher, you have committed that offense. The rules change slightly if your BAC is less than 0.08, but you must always take care while behind the wheel and wear your seat belt. The blood alcohol level only matters when it comes to driving, not when it comes to operating other vehicles such as boats and aeroplanes. With a few exceptions, you can’t use alcohol or drugs while driving, and you must have proof of insurance before you can get behind the wheel.

Is Getting a DUI Lawyer Worth the Cost?

A lawyer that handles DUI cases can help you avoid a great deal of stress and anxiety as you face DUI charges. You need to know that your lawyer is going to be there for you every step of the way and make sure that you understand all of your rights during the process. They’ll also be able to help you avoid some penalties, like jail time, that can make it more challenging to get back on track after this ordeal. Your lawyer will fight hard on your behalf so that you don’t suffer the consequences of a conviction. Absolutely. You will end up paying far less in the long run than you would face if you went to court on your own or tried to handle the matter yourself instead of hiring a lawyer.

A skilled criminal attorney will be able to review all of the evidence collected against you, and they can include it in your case to make it as strong as possible. For example, if there is a video that shows your public intoxication, they’ll be able to analyze what you did and how you were acting and speak with the camera operator to get more information. They’ll find ways to put this into the record, reducing the issues with the evidence at trial.

How Much Does a DUI Lawyer Cost?

You won’t have to pay the lawyer upfront. If you can afford it, paying them in advance is a good idea because it will protect you from some of the risks of taking on debt. It’s possible to get a loan against your home or car, but you don’t want to do this if there is any way that you can avoid it. The interest rates on these kinds of loans are very high, and they may have terms that are too restrictive for your situation. Instead, it would help if you asked the lawyer about paying for their services over time. Keep in mind that there are tax implications to consider, so you should decide whether it’s best to get settled in instalments over a more extended period or to pay the entire amount owed at one time.

The usual starting point for an experienced attorney is between ten and thirty thousand dollars. You may need more than this if your case involves child support or other expenses, so it’s a good idea to talk with your lawyer about this upfront.


Ultimately, finding the best attorney for your case will depend on your finances and how well you trust them. Some less expensive attorneys will work harder for you to make it worth their while, but others may not be as accomplished and skilled as the more expensive ones. If you want to make the best choice when it comes to your court case, talk to a lawyer who has the experience, skill and credentials necessary to make sure that you get a fair outcome in court. Your DUI lawyer can help you avoid fines and jail time to stay out of trouble and live life how you want instead of being stuck behind bars.

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Jobs of the Future. What Are They?




There are plenty of job opportunities you can find across various industries. The rapid advancement in technology is changing the job market landscape. While some jobs may be obsolete in the future, many new opportunities are coming up. Notably, while many people only know of the present employment, there are plenty of new opportunities for one to earn a living. In this post, you will find some of the jobs in the future that you can be interested in and begin building your expertise around. Whether you want to work in technology or any other industry, many positions are available to fit your skills and interests.

Notably, even as you build your career in any field, you can also check this link for some for no deposit bonuses to look out for, especially if you gamble from time to time. Also, you can get an opportunity to build your career in the casino industry if you love casinos and you want to earn a living from the industry. There are many job opportunities you can find in and related to the gambling industry. All you need to do is identify your strengths and passions and establish a career path in your area of interest.

Coding and Programming

With the advancement of technology, there is a growing demand for coders. Many businesses are digitising their operations and require coders to help them implement their plans. Importantly, if you are interested in coding, you must acquire the skills first. You can find some time to learn the skills from online coding resources or try to visit some online casino with bonuses in gambling. Some essential coding skills you can acquire include Java, Django, and Python, among others. With these skills, you can utilise them in creating web applications and video games in demand or specialise in machine learning. Mainly, there are many avenues to apply coding and programming skills and earn a living.

Security Specialist

With the growing number of businesses moving online, there is an increasing demand for security specialists. These are analysts who monitor websites and networks and detect any potential threats. Mainly, websites are prone to threats and hackers; hence enterprises need security experts to implement security standards and maintain security systems. To begin a career as a security expert, you need a degree in network or internet security. Also, to advance your expertise, you can acquire additional skills in related courses.

Customer Service Representative

Mainly, customer service representatives respond to customer queries via live chat messages, emails, and calls. The remuneration for customer service representatives is based on one’s experience and academic qualifications. Importantly, those looking for job opportunities in customer service should consider working with call centres, as more businesses prefer to outsource their customer support services work to call centres. Notably, one needs phone line operation skills, sending, receiving, and organising emails skills, and general interpersonal social skills.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers deal with the visual aspects of web applications and websites. Since businesses are keen on ensuring their websites are visually impressive to their visitors, they employ graphic designers. To grow your career in graphic design, you need to acquire a degree in graphic design and work experience in a competitive environment. Also, you need to market your services for premium job offers strategically. With the right training and experience, you can become a successful graphic designer.

Blockchain Technology Developers

Blockchain technology has great potential to revolutionise transactions and businesses. The technology entails the decentralisation of operations. To implement and apply blockchain technology in a different industry, there is a growing need for blockchain developers. Considering the benefits of the technology, more businesses will need blockchain developers to help them with the application of the technology in their daily operations. Therefore, anyone looking for career development opportunities can begin building a career with timeless benefits in blockchain technology.

Mental Health Experts

There is a lot of demand for mental health services, which will continue to grow in the coming days. More people are willing to seek help for their mental health problems, which is an excellent opening for people interested in building their careers around mental health. Mainly, remote working is one of the emerging issues that is leading to high rates of mental health cases. To address the problem, many investors are focusing on mental health organisations. These organisations need staff to offer specialised mental health services and help people navigate tough times.

Future Jobs in Casinos and Gambling Industry

Mainly, even with technological advancement and people embracing online casinos, land-based casinos are here to stay. Therefore, some jobs will continue being there even in the coming decades. Here are some jobs you need to know if you are interested in working in casinos.

  • Dealer. Dealers are responsible for dealing with cards during card game sessions. Also, they operate tables, calculate winning hands and distribute the winnings. Notably, to be employed as a dealer, one must be competent. Since the dealers stand or sit at the tables and interact with the gamblers directly, they often get tips that cater to some of their expenses.
  • Security Guard. Security guards are responsible for ensuring the safety of casino guests and employees. They ensure that all players comply with casino rules, including gambling, alcohol consumption, and underage gambling. Also, they protect people from harm in case of an emergency, as well as keep an eye on the floor and make sure everything is running smoothly.
  • Surveillance Officer. Surveillance officers monitor casino operations and ensure the best security and that the assets are safe. Also, they are responsible for ensuring that all of the rules and regulations are followed, as well as reporting any suspicious activity or crimes to the authorities. During their working hours, they use electronic surveillance equipment and sometimes patrol the casino halls physically.
  • Casino Hosts. Casino hosts are the first point of contact for guests entering the casino. They greet guests and direct them to the appropriate area or event, assisting them with dining reservations, entertainment, and special events. Also, they are responsible for customer service whereby, in addition to greeting patrons, they can answer questions about promotions available at that time. Mainly, as they welcome and pamper the guest, the guest will likely spend more money on casino gambling than they had intended.


Based on the information on jobs in the future, it’s evident that whether you want to work in technology, casino gambling, or any other industry, directly or indirectly, there are plenty of opportunities out there. Therefore, if you’re interested in getting started in any line of work but aren’t sure which path is best for your career goals, you can begin by acquiring the specific skills and seeking jobs in any of the above areas.

Lastly, whether you are building your career in any of the fields or you are already employed, it’s always important to take a break and take part in exciting activities or hobbies. For instance, some career people spend their leisure time in casinos since gambling is one of the best opportunities to get entertainment. While gambling, you can get bonuses from time to time and even win real money.

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Can a Desktop Wallet Be Hacked?



Desktop wallets are one of the safest ways to store your cryptocurrency. While they take extra steps to set up and manage, they’re worth it if you want peace of mind.

Another reason to invest in a desktop wallet is that these devices are also less susceptible to theft by malware than hot wallets. Hot wallets are connected to the internet and thus more vulnerable to hacking.

Are desktop wallets vulnerable to hacks?

In short, no. When you find the best desktop crypto wallets available you will notice they are not connected to the internet and, therefore cannot be hacked by malware. To access your cold storage wallet, a hacker would have to steal it from you physically. You can physically store your hardware wallet in a safe or secure deposit box for added security. This makes it basically impossible for a thief to steal your cryptos.

Still, keep in mind that you should never use cold storage as an excuse for not keeping up with your security practices. These include regularly backing up your wallet regularly and having strong passwords.

Additionally, if your computer is infected with malware or a virus, there is the possibility that your hard wallet will be compromised.

Trustworthy desktop wallets

If you’re keeping a significant amount of money in a cold storage wallet, it’s best to use a hardware wallet like the Trezor or Ledger. These wallets are more secure than software wallets since they don’t store your private keys on your computer (which could be hacked).

They also have built-in screen displays that make it easy to check balances and even send and receive cryptocurrency without connecting them to any other device.

However, they cost significantly more than software wallets ($100 or more), so if you just want to keep some small amounts of cryptocurrencies as savings for regular purchases or as an investment for yourself, then it may not be worth buying one.

Paper wallets

If you’re looking for something else, consider using a paper wallet. Using this type of wallet requires you to write down/print out your crypto keys. These types of wallets are cheap and entirely secure.

But if someone finds out where your paper wallet is hidden, they can easily access your funds. A paper wallet can also get damaged or destroyed if you’re not careful. I recommend that you make use of a hardware wallet.

Air gapped wallets

Air-gapped wallets are the most secure way to store your Bitcoin because they don’t have connections to the internet or other computers. However, using them comes with challenges, such as manually inputting all information necessary for transactions into your cold storage wallet.

What is the best crypto wallet for me?

Regarding security and convenience, you have to pick your poison. Hot wallets offer the easiest way to make transactions but are also the least secure.

Cold storage is the opposite: it lets you keep your coins offline in a safe place with minimal risk of being hacked or stolen; however, that means you won’t be able to trade them for goods or services as easily and freely.

The solution?

Use both! It may seem counterintuitive at first glance (and if this is your first time hearing about cryptocurrency wallets), but having both types of wallets can actually help mitigate some risks. That’s because you’ll have more options for storing crypto and added security.

For example: I want some extra cash on hand for an upcoming trip abroad but feel uncomfortable leaving my entire savings sitting safely behind my cold wallet’s four walls. What I can do is deposit some extra coins in my hot wallet for me to use.

Cold storage wallets are safer from theft than hot wallets because they are not directly connected to the internet.

This eliminates the risk that malware could infect your device and steal your bitcoins, as it would with a hot wallet.


Overall, cold storage wallets offer a much higher level of security than hot wallets. However, they also risk losing access to your funds if you don’t have backups or make mistakes when transferring money between addresses.

This can be somewhat mitigated by using a hardware wallet. If you want to keep your Bitcoin network transactions confidential, it’s best to keep your private keys offline so hackers can’t get access to them.

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