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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Crypto




Okay, let us forget for a moment whether you like it or not, whether you agree with the practises involved in acquiring it or not. Cryptocurrency is a pretty big part of life these days, with more people and more companies being open to the idea of using them as a form of currency to trade for goods and services. Which, depending on the market, is an interesting gamble for both companies AND their customers. But why is that an interesting gamble, I hear you ask?

Cryptocurrency is considered a volatile asset, which effectively means the value of that asset is constantly changing and for the most part, in an unpredictable way. So let’s say companies like Tesla who announced a year or so ago that they will be accepting specific cryptocurrencies as a method for buying one of their cars. Now, since Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset, this could potentially pay out one of two ways. A way that benefits you or a way that benefits the company. As an example, say what you’re buying is valued at $45,000, at the time of writing that would be 1.27 Bitcoin, as they are currently priced at $35,411.60 per coin. Now you hand over your 1.27 (plus gas fees), you take your item, maybe it’s a car, maybe it’s something else. Within the next 24 hours, those Bitcoin could be worth, $40k? $50k? Maybe they peak up to $65k again like they did in November 2021. Or, the opposite could happen, they could drop to $30k, $25k or less.

HOWEVER, if you’ve been around the scene for a while, then you’ll likely already know the risks involved in getting into the crypto game. In which case, maybe you’ve made a few bucks, and you would just like to know some of the ways you can currently use your crypto, since it is an ever changing landscape. Maybe you want to use it as capital to make more money? Maybe you’re just wanting to trade anonymously for goods and services. Well you’re in luck since we’re going to cover some of your options here! So if we’re all about ready to get started, let’s get into it!


Okay so since we’ve already spoken about gambling, let’s talk about gambling some more. Like I mentioned earlier Crypto in and of itself is a gamble, you could make a boat load of money or you could lose out, when you assess the situation and approach it with a level head, checking all the facts and figures, you really can make it work for you, even with the risks included. But what if you’re wanting to take your money that you’ve invested in crypto, gamble it and potentially, while assessing risks of course, make some more money off of it, is to stake it at some sportsbooks.

If you’re already profiting off your crypto and you’re into your sport, as we have hinted at, one great way to utilize your crypto would be through legal online sports betting sites. Some of these sites allow users to exchange their cryptocurrencies, such as Betmgm sportsbook, a LOT of sports books these days are, getting with the times as it were and getting into accepting crypto as collateral I guess it’s kind of in the nature of it right? The sportsbooks taking a gamble too? But doing this you could potentially gain on any winnings too, through the fluctuations in crypto prices. You might win £200 tonight, but in the morning it could be £250. Remember the risks, your capital is at stake so gamble responsibly!


Next up is another risky venture, but something that has absolutely BLOWN UP in popularity in recent months, regardless how you feel about it, NFT’s (Non-Fungible Token) are a huge thing right now. Non-Fungible means  that it’s “unique” so you own the only one, if your NFT is a picture of a specific animal for example, you’re the only person that owns THAT segment of information in the blockchain, of course there are memes regarding “right click, save as” etc but when it comes to the value of that particular item, you’re the only one who can really trade it, the same as owning a painting from a famous artist, there’s only one original right?

Shopping Who’d have thought?

Like I mentioned at the top of the show, a lot more retailers are beginning to accept cryptocurrency for their goods and services, there are a few reasons for this. Firstly, if you trade with Crypto, it is all done anonymously, so you don’t have to give a retailer your details, nothing is saved on record. Secondly there’s the excitement of potentially beating the system by actually picking up those goods and services for cheaper than you initially would’ve if the cost of your crypto tanks, of course that isn’t without it’s risk. Finally it shows that businesses are finally starting to move with the times. Which is a great thing, we’ve moved beyond the past for a reason, grandpa!

Money Transfers

While this one may not necessarily make sense, given you do have to pay for crypto transfers. Transferring money via crypto, specifically at low volumes, is one of the quickest and cheapest ways you can actually transfer. Since cryptocurrency is a peer to peer system, you can immediately transfer your funds without having to wait for an external source to look things over and approve it. You won’t have to pay any fees to a bank, you don’t have to pay any charges on any overdrafts or anything like that and again, like I mentioned earlier, you get to keep all of your details off the systems of big companies and banks alike.


Last but not least, the obvious one. Just like how your grandpa used to collect gold, or silver dollars or pretty much anything of the sort, these days people collect Cryptocurrency in the hopes that one day it will be worth something. This is why you see so many meme coins like $Doge and $Shib making headlines and skyrocketing in popularity. People like to jump on these with the dream of potentially becoming a millionaire from a small early investment. Imagine this, you’re looking at a new meme coin, let’s make something up (might already exist who knows) $42069bitz. Each one of those is worth $0,00.00001, so for $1 you can buy 10,000. Imagine, if by some crazy miracle, Elon Musk tweets about it or something and it raises in value, even if it becomes half a cent somehow, that’s $5000 from a buck. Is it likely? No. Is it possible, absolutely. Look at the history of $Doge as an outrageous example. That’s going to do it for this one! So, since you’re here, I take it you’ve delved into the Crypto world, how has your experience been? Have you been lucky? I personally made a little bit on Ethereum at the start of 2021, bought $225, went up to $850, I tried to hold out for $1000 before I dropped it and it tanked back to $450, after fees I think I made $190-200 profit, not a bad little turnaround but look at what it could’ve been! I just want to end by saying, if you haven’t and you’re interested in getting into cryptocurrency, or sportsbooks, or any form of gambling. Please gamble responsibly, don’t bet above your means and please don’t chase those wins. Good luck and take care everybody! Stay safe.

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How to Sell Feet Pics to Make Money




Selling your selfies might seem like a creepy proposition. But in reality, it’s a great way to make money – even if you feel uncomfortable with the idea. Feet pics are a niche where there is demand and not much supply. And because of this, it’s a great opportunity to make some cash from taking photos of your toes. Whether you have big, red toenails or simply like painting them that way, we all appreciate seeing attractive feet. This means that there are many people who would pay to see pictures of someone else’s feet. You just need to know how to sell them for the best price possible! Selling feet pics isn’t as weird as you might think and you don’t need to become some sort of porn star in order to do it. There are so many places on the Internet where these images can be sold for decent money. Let’s take a look at some of your options…

Tips for Taking Great Feet Photos

There are a few things you can do to make your feet photos more appealing to buyers. Firstly, make sure your feet are clean. This might sound silly, but it has to be said! Nobody wants to see grimy feet, and you’ll have a much better chance of selling your images if they are nice and tidy. Secondly, you should wear nail polish if you want, but try to avoid brightly colored toes. This is mainly because most people want to see natural, unaltered feet. They don’t want your feet to look like a rainbow, but some people do want to see a bit of color on your toes. You should also pay attention to your surroundings. Make sure that the place where you’re taking these photos is nice and clean. Nobody wants to see your messy room in the background of your photos.

Smiling Feet Pics

This might sound weird, but smiling while you take your photos can improve their attractiveness dramatically. This is especially true if you have nice teeth. Smiling while you have your feet in the frame makes the photo seem friendlier, and people are more likely to want to buy your image if they think you’re a friendly person. There’s no need to be overt about the smile, but make sure to have it in the photo. This small change can make a big difference in the attractiveness of your images.

Foot Selfies

If you’re taking selfies, you might want to try a few different angles. Try taking selfies from different heights, paying attention to your background as we discussed above. Make sure that your feet are in the shot, but don’t try to keep them at a 90-degree angle to your face. One of the best angles for selfies is to put your phone on a table, then put your feet on the table as well. This way, your feet and toes are the focus of the photo and make the image much more appealing.

Foot Fetish Pics

If you want to sell foot fetish photos, you need to make sure that your feet are clean. Take some time to trim your toenails and make sure that they are nice and tidy. Nobody wants to see black, crusty nails on their screen. You should also try to wear open-toed shoes when you’re out in public. It’s best not to have people see you with your foot in their face.


If you have attractive feet, you can make money by selling photos of them online. While some people might think this is a strange thing, others are willing to pay to see more of your toes. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, make sure that your feet look their best. Keep them clean, wear open-toed shoes, and try out a few different angles for your photos. Finally, remember that foot fetishism is a real thing that people pay for. So if you want to make money from your feet, you will likely get lots of requests for photos. Be prepared for this, and find a way to balance your foot fetish work and other interests.

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10 Things You Can Sell from Home to Make Money




Are you looking for an independent way of making money from home? Starting an online business is challenging for people as this side hustle requires a lot of time and energy.

But selling things from the comfort of your home is an excellent way to generate a passive income. But what are some of the best things you can sell from home?

We have come up with ten things you can sell from home to make money. These ideas don’t only let you declutter but also help you make ends meet. So here is a detailed guide to making money by selling things from your home!

Best Things to Sell to Make Money

There are endless possibilities of what you can sell from home to generate extra cash. With hundreds of online startups, finding online marketplaces for selling random objects from your home has become more accessible. Let us look into the ten best things you can sell to make money!

Computer Accessories

The online business models required many people to purchase monitors, keyboards, mice, and other computer accessories to boost their work efficiency.

But after the pandemic, people have switched to in-office jobs. As a result, things have gradually returned to normal, but many people have stacked computer accessories at home.

Offices constantly need to upgrade their accessories to provide their workers with better equipment. If you have extra computer accessories that are no longer in use, you can start selling them online!

All you have to do is take high-quality pictures of the computer accessories, upload them on sites like Etsy or eBay and wait for buyers to make a purchasing request.

Outgrown Baby Equipment

If your child has outgrown the baby equipment, it is time to sell the used baby gear, furniture, bikes, clothing, and old toys online. You can post pictures of the baby equipment, price them, and wait for buyers to contact you.

You can join Facebook groups, craigslist, and eBay to sell outgrown baby equipment. These sites have their pros and cons. You can conduct thorough research to know what will work best for you.

Clothes Including Used Lingerie, Panties & Socks

Some online marketplaces are the best choice whether you want to declutter or sell your outgrown clothes. For example, you can sell gently used clothes on Poshmark, Etsy, eBay, etc.

Some sites let you exclusively sell used toys, shoes, socks, panties, lingerie, etc. You can simply create a store and start interacting with buyers.

Sites such as Sofia Gray, Sniffr, and Pantydeal let you make a profile where you can post pictures of your used panties and lingerie and price them.

Buyers can make a purchasing request and send you money via online bank transactions. Some buyers even request you to perfume the panties.

You can charge more for accepting such requests. This way, you can easily make money by selling used panties from the comfort of your home. Besides this, you can sell your old T-Shirts, band merchandise, or any piece of clothing you no longer use.

Home Decors

Home decor items are profitable products. For example, if you have an old decorative item, you can take a picture and upload it on various sites that let you sell used items.

You can also sell birthday, anniversary, or other celebratory items such as fancy ribbons. Besides this, people love to shop during the holiday season.

If you’re going to put up a new Christmas tree, it is time to sell your old tree on an online site! Such home decor objects can help you earn extra money.

Arts and Crafts

If you’re creative, it is best to advertise your paintings, sculptures, or DIY objects. These are perfect items to sell from the comfort of your home. However, some trending arts and crafts, such as crocheting and embroidery-related work, can get you a higher price.

You can use your skill to make trendy pieces and advertise them on sites such as eBay, Etsy, etc. You can also join crafty Facebook groups to upload pictures of your arts and crafts. This also includes selling paintings, photographs, frames, painted vases, etc.

Old Furniture

One of the best ways to declutter is to sell your old furniture. If you have old furniture stored in your garage or backyard, it’s time to take pictures and post them online.

You’d be surprised to know how many people are looking to buy used furniture. You must thoroughly clean the furniture, take high-quality pictures, price it, and wait for buyers!

Old Books

Do you have an extensive collection of books collecting dust? You can free up space by selling these books on various sites. For example, you can set up an online store for selling used books and price them accordingly.

Once a buyer contacts you, you can ship the books and receive an online payment transaction. Moreover, if you have a collection of series such as Harry Potter, you can sell them in bundles to earn extra cash!

Outdoor Appliances and Tools

If you have extra yard tools and appliances, you can fix them and sell them online. It will help you declutter and earn you some extra money.

This idea works in seasonal changes. For example, in the summer, you can sell your snow shovels, while in the winter, you can sell your lawn mowers to make money from home quickly.

Gym Equipment

During the pandemic, many people started working out at home. If you have also bought gym equipment that is no longer in use, it is time to sell it.

You can sell gym equipment for a good profit. You must thoroughly clean the equipment and ensure the safety standards before you ship out the products.

Old Electronics

People frequently upgrade their electronics. So, for example, if you have upgraded to a new smartphone or a laptop, it is time to sell the old ones.

You can use various sites for selling used gadgets. For example, Etsy, eBay, and Gazelle let you advertise and price your used gadgets.

Then you can receive the payment via PayPal or other payment options the sites incorporate. These products can let you earn a decent profit.

Moreover, they have a vast online market. Therefore, selling tablets, phones, headphones, and laptops is easier.


There are numerous ways to make money by selling home objects. Sometimes, you must think outside the box to have excellent money-making options.

For example, selling your used clothing, lingeries, and panties is an out-of-the-box idea but helps you generate passive income.

Besides this, many people use adult-friendly websites to sell customized content, including selling nudes, video clips, and audio clips. These are fantastic ideas for making passive income. You don’t have to work on the product or go out of your way to clean and package the product.

Such ideas will help you earn extra cash immediately. All you have to do is set up an online store, advertise the products, and wait for a buyer to make a purchase.

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How to Prepare for a Financial Emergency: Your Loan Options




Sudden financial emergencies can instantly leave a person feeling taken off guard and vulnerable. A sudden shift in your financial situation, whether it’s a loss of income, medical bills, or emergency house repairs, can be very stressful.

Even the best financial planning and cash management abilities won’t save you from unforeseen payments that far exceed your monthly spending allowance. So, here are some loan options to consider when preparing for a financial emergency.

Personal Loans

A personal loan provides funds in the form of a lump sum that is repaid in monthly payments, and along with paying the initial amount, you also need to pay the interest and fees. They can be used for almost anything, including vacations, weddings, home renovations, and emergencies.

And borrowers with good credit can get the best personal loans with low-interest rates and various repayment options. So, if you’re considering getting a personal loan in preparation for a financial emergency or when you need money right away, look for reliable lending sites to apply for one.

Payday Loans

Payday loans are short-term loans that allow you to borrow small sums of money, such as a few hundred dollars. Payday loans, for instance, have extremely short repayment terms, primarily within two weeks or by your upcoming payment period.

However, payday loans are widely regarded as predatory due to their exorbitant interest rates. Thus, payday loans are ideal if you, as a borrower, require small sums of money and can pay back the debt within a short period.

Credit Card Cash Advances

When used responsibly, credit cards can be valuable tools in an emergency. The cash you can borrow is your card’s limit percentage or a fixed maximum number.

And since the cash advance is linked to your existing card’s credit limit, no additional credit check is required. In addition, credit card advances are ideal for cardholders that already have active credit cards in excellent condition and need only a small loan.

Title Loans

A title loan is another emergency loan that allows you to get cash quickly. You may be eligible for a title loan without requiring a strict credit check.

It’s a secured loan that uses your vehicle title as collateral, and if you don’t pay back the loan by the end of the loan term, the lender has the authority to seize your vehicle to settle the existing debt. It’s one of the best loan options if you wish to prepare for a financial situation that needs immediate funds.

Pawn Shop Loans

A pawn shop loan is a secured loan backed by collateral, the item you bring in and leave with the pawnbroker. And while the sum you can borrow from a pawnshop depends on the item you use as collateral, the broker is likely only to offer you a portion of the item’s total market value.

Pawnshop loans mostly appeal to individuals who cannot obtain a traditional loan. So, if you cannot apply for a conventional loan, you can try a pawnshop loan whenever you need it for a financial emergency.

Small Business Loans

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, you may borrow to fund your next business venture or to keep your business running. Besides, small business loans are available from credit unions, banks, and online lenders.

Small business loans are available to businesses such as hair salons, restaurants, and freelancers. So, if you’re one of them and in a financial emergency, you should consider small business loans.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt consolidation allows you to simplify your payments by submitting an application loan to pay off your debts, leaving you with a single monthly loan payment. And to get a debt consolidation loan that lowers your expenses, you must shop around for an interest rate lower than your credit card or existing loan.

You’re also much more eligible to qualify if your credit has improved since your last loan or credit card. When you’re eligible, your lender may pay your debts automatically or you may have to do it yourself.

Credit-Builder Loans

Credit-builder loans are small short-term loans taken out to assist you in building credit. Unlike traditional loans, they do not require excellent credit to qualify because they are marketed to people with no or limited credit.

You can find a credit-builder loan in credit union lending circles, online lenders, and Community Development Financial Institutions. A hidden benefit of credit-builder loans is that when the loan is paid off, you receive a lump sum of money that you can use for a large purchase or supplement an emergency fund.

Final Thoughts

It’s a difficult pill to swallow, but financial emergencies can happen anytime. While saving for the best times in our lives is important, it’s also essential to plan for the worst. That way, you ensure you are prepared for a financial emergency in the future.

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