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Using Copic Sketch Markers in Handmade




We recently received a question about the use of Copic Sketch markers in handmade. We find that to be an interesting topic because We have seen some really impressive works made using these markers. But are they suitable for use in handmade?

Well… yes and no. While many people simply love Copics for this kind of work, some people use them with failures, frustration, or mixed feelings – or avoid them altogether due to their price tag or availability. First of all, let me clarify how versatile these markers are.

In my experience, you can use them on non-porous surfaces such as glass (milk bottles, jars, etc.) and plastic (such as CDs) but NOT on paper mâché. We have read about people who have used them on wood and other porous surfaces, but if you know how easily marker stains can be removed from non-porous surfaces, you would probably want to keep them away from porous ones as well.

On a side note: it is possible to colorize paper using Copics, but two things can happen then: 1) You end up with a very thin layer of the ink sitting on top of the paper for some reason (which doesn’t work well), or 2) The ink seeps through several layers of paper and gets everywhere – not just on one side! It reminds me of velvet paintings. So, A4 cardstock seems like your safest bet.

Among the many art supplies out there, Copic Markers Australia stand apart from the crowd. One of the many reasons for this is how beneficial they can be to your art and just your personal experience in general. In no particular order, here are some benefits you’ll get from using these awesome markers!

14 Benefits of Copic Sketch Markers

1. More control over blending

Copic Sketch Markers have a physical blending mechanism called a Blender. Pressing on it will allow you to blend colors well without having to use manual blending techniques such as cross-hatching and stippling (although it does help if you practice).

2. Variety in color and tip size

These makers come in different sizes and also an almost infinite amount of colors that makes it very easy for you to find the shade of color you need.

3. No bleeding or feathering

Copic Sketch Markers dry super fast and do not bleed through paper.

4. Eco-friendly markers

All markers come with a cap to protect the nib from drying out when not in use, just like the ones on pens you probably used before! This is great for minimizing waste and also makes them easier to transport.

5. Worth every penny

With all these benefits and more (see below), one can say that it’s worth spending your hard-earned money on these awesome markers!

6. Refillable

Some of my friends love this feature because they can simply buy extra colors and refill their old markers when needed instead of having to buy new ones altogether which saves cost.

7. Resistant to water

This makes them perfect for both calligraphy and art pieces that may be exposed to rain or other forms of weathering.

8. Super easy to clean

Using a fine tip brush, just scratch the hard surface of your marker caps with it until all color is removed! Just remember not to use anything sharp as you may scratch off the cap’s coating.

9. Doesn’t bleed through cheap paper

Copic Sketch Markers are so well-made that even cheap copier paper can handle being painted on top!

10. Won’t dry out easily unless left without caps

These markers’ nibs are really durable which means they won’t dry out even if left uncapped sometimes (keep in mind this will affect the color and opacity of your marker).

11. Tons of freebies and discounts

This is the most we can get from Copic which is awesome because it means we will be able to enjoy creating art without worrying about our wallet!

12. Can be used with other ink types

These markers are great for making unique colors that you may not find in paint or standard ink, such as metallic silver and gold! This feature allows you to mix and match different things together freely.

13. Awesome customer service

If there’s one thing We would say about Copic, it would be how awesome their customer service is! They recently sent me a care package (see below) after We emailed them asking questions about my order which, by the way, was some time ago. We think that speaks more than enough about how they value their customers.

14. Great resale value

Actually, all of these markers have a very high resale value so if you’re looking to sell your art on eBay or Etsy, Copic markers are something to consider!

Final Thoughts

Any brush or pen will require you to have the same qualities if you wish to use it in an effective way, but with Copic Markers, there are specific things that will work for this medium and if you choose something different, then your work will feel ‘off’ no matter how hard you try or what level of skill you have. You can still experiment though!

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The Five Furniture Items Every Church Needs




If you are furnishing a church, you need to know what essential furniture items every church should have. A church is nothing more than a social place where people feel in harmony and, in some way, can connect with a heavenly being. However, for these social centers to become functional, good furniture is required that allows the person to feel comfortable during their stay.

There is endless modern church furniture that you as a pastor could buy, but among the most important, you will find:

1. Chairs/Pews

Since ancient times, people who go to church have remained standing, although today, everything has changed. In the present, a church should have chairs and benches so that people can enjoy the church service without problems.

These church chairs could be plastic, wood, or metal. Likewise, the church could have static pews made of wood or metal with padded seats. One way or another, the church should have enough seats for its congregation.

It is also good to know that church chairs or pews must be ideally located, so they do not interrupt the people’s movement. In general, church pews form two rows leaving three open spaces that would be the center and each end.

2. Tables

Just as the chairs are essential in the church, so would the tables used in the service. Although you may doubt it, tables are also crucial for the growing church, so you should buy them.

However, it would help if you focused on having the most functional tables for your congregation to make a good purchase. You will find it necessary to buy large and even small tables that will be used by four people at most.

The tables in the church will serve Sunday schools. On the other hand, these tables will be necessary for the meetings you schedule within the church. Conveniently, you buy portable church tables so that they do not take up ample space when you are not using them.

3. Lecterns

Now that you can buy the church tables, you have to look for another essential piece of furniture, such as the lectern. This element will be the protagonist of any church service.

A lectern would be that piece of furniture where the pastor or priest places his bible and then proceeds to give the sermon. A hydration fountain would also be placed on the lectern for the pastor to use throughout his day.

While purchasing the lectern, you will see several options, but usually, people tend to buy wooden ones. You will also be able to visualize the acrylic and metal lecterns that are typically less traded.

Over time, church lecterns have also been optimized. Some even bring a closed audio system. This way, the pastor or priest can give his sermon without being dependent on an external microphone.

4. Portable room dividers

Among the church sanctuary furniture to purchase would be portable room dividers. They are elements that have been used since the 7th century and are still gaining importance today. With room dividers, you could give privacy to an area in the church for personal use or some congregation members.

The best thing about room dividers is that they allow you to divide some areas of the church for a brief time. It can also be used to separate the cultural activities in the congregation.

Portable room dividers could be wood, PVC, or canvas-metal composites. These elements will also serve as acoustic dividers, so you should not avoid buying them for the church.

5. Baptism Furniture

The last piece of furniture to buy for the church, but not the least important, is the furniture for baptisms. This element will be indispensable if you try to furnish a catholic church.

The baptismal furniture consists of a sink, a table, and objects that decorate the area. It is a piece of furniture in the upper part of the church, where the priest is located every time he gives a sermon.

In conclusion

To furnish a church from scratch, you must focus on buying essential elements such as pews and chairs. Likewise, you can include the purchase of furniture for the baptism, the lectern, and the portable room dividers, among other furnishings.

Church furniture allows parishioners to enjoy the sermon and, of course, will help its growth. Do not forget that on the internet you will find several options in furniture for the church.

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Worst Thing to Do When You Get a Traffic Ticket




We all break the speed limit from time to time and we might not be completely honest about how much of a hurry we are in. But when we are driving, there is so much more out there that is even more dangerous than speeding. You may be feeling a sense of dread and panic when you see that orange slip of paper saying that you are receiving a traffic ticket.

But the good news is that there is no need to worry if you know what to do and when to do it. So the fact that you finally got caught doesn’t have to be the end of the world. But you need to remember there is one thing that you should NEVER do when you get a traffic ticket and that is NOTHING!

Getting a ticket can be frustrating, especially when you don’t know what to do with the ticket. If you don’t take action on it, eventually it will lead to a larger fine and possible points on your license.

When you get a traffic ticket, avoid doing nothing. The worst thing you can do is not contest the ticket and then show up to court on the day of your court appearance.

Pay it

I think that this is the worst option because you are admitting to having done the violation and as a result will be subject to points on your driver’s license, an almost guaranteed insurance increase, and a fine.

Pay it and elect traffic school

There are a few things you should know about traffic school.  You can get the ticket dismissed if you pay it immediately, AND you must pay the cost of the class, AND you must spend at least 4 hours in traffic school.  I’m going to assume that you have been to a 4 hour class within the past 12 months and that means that for every 8 hours of traffic school you complete now, there will be 5 documents in your file that say “this is an 8 hour class” so don’t waste them!

Fight your ticket

You don’t have to be a lawyer to fight your own traffic ticket. You get to elect how much you want to pay, and if you lose the court battle, you get your money back. The hardest part is knowing when it’s worth it not to just pay your fine. This article will explain everything you need to know about fighting your own ticket.

I would always recommend taking the matter to court yourself, but only if you are certain you are right and feel very well prepared.  Fighting your own ticket can be fun and exciting, but it should not be taken lightly.  You will have a lot of reading to do, and some research to complete before hand so that you can fight with confidence. Fighting the ticket on your own is not only time consuming, but can also feel overwhelming. If you’re unsure of what to do and worried about the legal repercussions, hire a lawyer so that you can be confident that everything will be taken care of appropriately.

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Ways to Reduce Auto Repair and Maintenance Costs




Taking your car in for regular maintenance and repairs is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it has to break the bank. You can do a few things to avoid being overcharged or upsold for services you don’t need. Here’s what you need to know.


Car repairs are costly, no matter where you take your car. But avoiding the less than honest repair shops can save you a lot of cash in the long term. When your car is repaired correctly and using the best parts and tools, you will get a longer, more reliable life out of your ride. Here are a few tips to help you discern the good guys from the scalpers.

Get a Second Opinion

If you’re unsure whether a repair is necessary, get a second opinion from another shop or a mechanic you trust. Auto shops often recommend repairs or services that aren’t necessary to pad their bottom line.

On the other side, they will often tell you when they find something getting ready to break so you can get it done before the issue leaves you stranded. Getting a second opinion can help you avoid being taken for a ride or confirm the suspicions of the first mechanic.

Do Your Research

Before you take your car into a shop, research the average cost of the repair or service you need. That way, you’ll know what you should be paying and can more easily spot if you’re being overcharged. You can use sites like RepairPal or Edmunds to get estimates for standard repairs and services.

If you’re unable to figure out the initial problem, you can take it into the shop to get a consultation without committing to services. Then take the time to call around and ask about pricing or research online the average price for that type of repair.

Negotiate Costs

If you feel like you’re being overcharged, don’t be afraid to negotiate with the mechanic or shop manager. If they’re not willing to budge on price, see if there’s anything else they can do to sweeten the deal, like throwing in an extra service at no charge. It never hurts to ask!

If you’ve done your research, you have tools to negotiate with, such as quotes from other mechanics and the price of the parts being replaced. Use these little tidbits of information to negotiate an agreeable price, and don’t let the mechanic or shop manager upsell you on unnecessary fixes. Another option is to ask about payment plans.


Routine maintenance is a crucial step in preventing the need for repairs. However, even if you maintain your car to showroom standards and always keep up with the manufacturers’ schedules for auto services, you’ll still need to replace parts on time. One of the best money-saving investments for car owners can be an extended warranty. For example, CarShield costs are significantly less than replacing the drivetrain or transmission in your car.

Regular Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are the most critical maintenance task that will prolong your car’s life and save you money. Every car has a different ideal interval for oil changes, so consult your owner’s manual to see how often you should change your oil.


Tune-ups are another form of routine maintenance that will help keep your car running smoothly and prevent more significant, more expensive problems down the road. Refer to your manual to determine how often you should service your car.

Tire Tread and Pressure

Good tires are essential for both safety and efficiency. Your car’s tires should have the proper tread depth to maintain traction on the road, especially in wet or icy conditions. You can check your tire tread by inserting a penny headfirst into the tread. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, your tread is shallow, and you need new tires.

Tire pressure is also essential for maintaining traction as well as preventing blowouts. You can check your tire pressure with a gauge at most gas stations. Most carmakers recommend checking it at least once a month.


Your car’s brakes are one of the most critical safety features, so keeping them in good working order is essential. Have your brakes checked at every tune-up, and if you hear any squealing or grinding when you press the brake pedal, take your car in for service immediately.

You should also be aware of the warning signs that your brakes need attention, such as the dashboard brake light coming on, a squealing noise when you apply pressure to the brake pedal, or a burning smell when you press the pedal.

Final Thoughts

By following these tips, you can avoid being taken advantage of by unscrupulous auto shops and save some money. With little effort, you can keep your car running smoothly without breaking the bank.

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