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How to Choose the Right Color For a Dress for Plus-Size Girls: Tips and Tricks




Women with a plus-size figure need to choose clothes that will not only emphasize the merits, gently hiding individual flaws, but also help to look stylish and attractive. It is dressed that is a chance for each of us to become a little more feminine, graceful and elegant even with extra pounds. A dress that is suitable in style and size changes everything in a woman – gait, look, self-awareness, because in a beautiful outfit the world around looks different. How not get confused and find the ideal dress for yourself among hundreds of styles and colors?

Below we will consider the following colors: white, black, gray, beige, blue, turquoise, purple, emerald green, red, yellow, brown, green.

The color variety of dresses

Many plus-size women prefer “darker to slim” clothes. But this approach is fundamentally wrong, because if a black strict dress slims one of them, then the other, on the contrary, can be enlarged and made more cumbersome. In addition, not every dark dress should be considered a good option for visually reducing your size: for example, loose boho style models can easily add a few pounds to an already imperfect figure.

Advice. When choosing a dress for a plus-size figure, you should forget about its shortcomings and get rid of the desire to look slimmer at all costs. A plus-size woman can also be beautiful and seductive precisely in her weight. Therefore – down with black and dark hoodies, we choose spectacular and harmonious models of outfits. To purchase ones you can look at the Adrift collection of clothes for plus-size women.

Dresses with flowers

How to choose the perfect color for a dress for a plus-size woman? What should you pay attention to? First of all – on your color type. And this is the opinion of most stylists: no matter what color you like, it is important that it suits your type. In order not to get lost in dozens of shades, you should remember some simple recommendations:

Neutral shades

Colors: white, black, grey, beige

The basic colors of dresses in the wardrobe of plus-size women are still neutral shades that allow you to build unique images on their basis. These options include:

White. Despite the general opinion that this color is contraindicated for plus-size women, you should not refuse white dresses in your wardrobe. A white dress does not have to be evening, wedding, or elegant at all: a summer sundress or an elegant safari dress made of snow-white fabric is perfect for creating a stylish look for a walk. In addition, white allows the use of a variety of accessories that can radically change the mood and image as a whole.

Black is a timeless classic. A black dress slims helps to feel confident and relaxed. A black dress can be evening, cocktail, business, or home: a variety of options makes it possible to choose the perfect black model for any occasion. Black dresses do not need additional decor or decorations, and their strict and concise silhouette can highlight the advantages of a plus-size figure, making it more elegant.

Grey. Solid gray dresses for a plus-size figure are not very common. Probably, such models are not so popular, because neutral gray is inexpressive and banal. For this color to play in a new way in a dress, it is important to choose a harmonious frame for it: that is why most models using gray need to combine several colors, add a stylish print, and additional decoration.

Beige. This controversial and problematic color, many obese women immediately dismiss, thinking that it will only emphasize the imperfection of the figure. For example, evening dresses with lace, guipure, and rhinestones look royally luxurious.

Any of the models of dresses of such colors can become the basis of a dozen different mood images. The uniqueness of these products lies in the fact that different accessories, shoes, and details can change the dress itself beyond recognition.

Cold shades

Colors: blue, turquoise, purple, emerald

Most stylists advise plus-size women to pay attention to dresses in cold shades, rightly believing that it is these colors that can visually slim a curvaceous figure. Cold colors are ideal for the wardrobe of a plump woman who wants to look stylish, but at the same time not to focus the attention of others on individual details of her image. Having abandoned the dominance of dark boring shades, you should turn your attention to muted cold colors.

Blue. Muted, not too bright, matte noble blue in all versions is ideal for a plus-size figure. Instead of boring black, deep black and blue, rich and luxurious in its monochrome, will do. Blue dresses are chosen to create business and evening looks because, for all their neutrality, it is quite expressive and able to be attractive in combination with well-chosen accessories.

Turquoise. This gentle cold shade is actively used in the wardrobe of plus-size women: dresses of this color are suitable for special occasions and everyday use. A feature of models of this shade is their visual lightness and grace – which is why the most harmonious style for an outfit of this color is a fitted dress with a flared skirt.

Emerald in all its cold variety can transform a plus-size figure: jade, sea green, or coniferous – this is not a complete list of its deep and luxurious shades. Such colors are suitable for a plus-size figure because they can emphasize its grace, highlight attractive sides, focus on the merits. A classic sheath dress of this tone is suitable for creating a stylish image of a self-confident woman.

Warm colors

Colors: red, yellow, brown, green

Even though warm colors are traditionally not considered successful for a plus-size figure, you should not completely refuse to use them. Warm shades help create soft, graceful, and feminine images, filled with light and nobility. That is why many lush beauties sacrifice the ghostly opportunity to look slimmer in a cold-colored dress in favor of true femininity and warmth.

Red, namely its warm variants – classic red or scarlet – is ideal for creating juicy and expressive festive looks. Long luxurious outfits of such shades will make a plump woman the star of any event. Those who do not want to draw attention to themselves so openly should pay attention to more restrained options: pomegranate, rusty, carrot, or cinnabar. Red dresses can be used for both business and casual wear.

Yellow. Seemingly too bright for some, overly juicy and expressive for others, yellow in all its diversity is ideal for creating a cheerful image of a plus-size lady. Its warm shades – pear, saffron, or gold – emphasize seductive forms, creating a stylish and juicy look. The cheerfulness of this color is not suitable for strict silhouettes of business dresses, but for a cocktail or casual outfits it will come in handy.

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15 Top Hits ’90s Dance Songs for Weddings




While the 90s might seem decades away, we still have a ton of 90s kids getting married today, and this is where 90s wedding songs come in. The 90s was a musical gift to the world, and some of the best 90’s wedding songs are timeless classics played over and over at the most exciting weddings.

From hip hop to rhythm and blues, rock and rap, we’ve put together a list of 90s love wedding songs for lovers of music who miss the unforgettable decade.

  1. “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” – Backstreet Boys

A great choice if you’re looking for pop wedding songs from the 90s, ‘Everybody’ will have your guests on the dancefloor in a flash.

Lyrics: ‘Am I original? Yeah. Am I the only one? Yeah’.

  1. “Livin’ la Vida Loca” – Ricky Martin

Could be one of the best 90s wedding songs, ‘Livin’ la Vida Loca’ is a pop number everyone would want to dance to.

Lyrics: ‘Upside, inside out, she’s livin’ la vida loca. She’ll push and pull you down, livin’ la vida loca’.

  1. “…Baby One More Time” – Britney Spears

This high energy number is another one on our list of pop wedding songs that would be a hit on the dance floor.

Lyrics: ‘When I’m not with you I lose my mind. give me a sign. Hit me, baby, one more time’.

  1. “Bailamos” – Enrique Iglesias

If you need 90s wedding songs for a first dance, then this has the perfect tempo and should make your list.

Lyrics: ‘Bailamos, let the rhythm take you over. Bailamos, te quiero amor mío, bailamos. Gonna live this night forever’.

  1. “Endless Love” – Mariah Carey & Luther Vandross

No popular 90s dance songs list would be complete without Mariah Carey.

Lyrics: ‘And I, I want to share all my love with you, no one else will do’.

  1. “I Finally Found Someone” – Barbra Streisand & Bryan Adams

This jazz number is perfect for a slow dance or background music.

Lyrics: I finally found someone Who knocks me off my feet I finally found the one Who makes me feel complete

  1. “A Whole New World” – Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle

A dance song from the 90s from the Aladdin in your life.

Lyrics: ‘A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view, no one to tell us no…’

  1. “Because You Loved Me” – Celine Dion

Easily one of the best 90s dance songs for weddings.

Lyrics: ‘For all those times you stood by me. For all the truth that you made me see. For all the joy you brought to my life…’

  1. “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” – Elton John

This classic from The Lion King makes it to the list of wedding songs from the 90s because it is perfect in every way.

Lyrics: ‘And can you feel the love tonight? It is where we are. It’s enough for this wide-eyed wanderer, that we got this far…’

  1. “2 Become 1” – Spice Girls

This song is perfection if you’re looking for 90’s slow dance songs for a wedding.

Lyrics: ‘Come a little bit closer baby, get it on, get it on. ‘Cause tonight is the night when two become one’.

  1. Back at One – Brian McKnight

Another great number for slow 90s dance songs for weddings.

Lyrics: ‘One, you’re like a dream come true. Two, just wanna be with you. Three, girl, It’s plain to see that you’re the only one for me…’

  1. “Killing Me Softly” – Fugees

A lit number that can play at any time of the wedding ceremony or reception.

Lyrics: ‘Strumming my pain with his fingers, singing my life with his words. Killing me softly with his song…’

  1. “When You Say Nothing At All” – Ronan Keating

If you’re looking for 90s first dance songs, the lyrics of this song makes it perfect.

Lyrics: ‘It’s amazing how you can speak right to my heart. Without saying a word, you can light up the dark…’

  1. “Angel of Mine” – Monica

One of the best choices for 90s wedding entrance songs, if there ever was one.

Lyrics: ‘When I first saw you I already knew, there was something inside of you. Something I thought that I would never find…’

  1. “Save The Best for Last” – Vanessa Williams

Just like its title, the best is saved for last.

Lyrics: ‘And now we’re standing face to face. Isn’t this world a crazy place? Just when I thought our chance had passed, you go and save the best for last’.

A wedding for 90s babies would be incomplete without the best 90’s wedding songs playing. You can celebrate your big day with nostalgic music to mark the decade of your birth.

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Things to Know before Collecting Sports Cards




Are you an avid sports fan? Do you enjoy watching baseball, football, or basketball and following every match, player’s career, tournament, and other related to the game? How about starting a sports card collection hobby?

People collect sports cards of their favorite teams or players because it is fun, exciting, and demonstrates your enthusiasm as a fan. Moreover, it is also a good investment because its value increases over time.

If it is your first time, you may be unaware of the various aspects involved in it. But if you’re looking at sports card collecting, you must know some information beforehand. Here are some tips and suggestions you will find helpful.

Tips to start a sports card collection

Beginning small is good if you’re starting with a card-collecting hobby. If your collection gets too large and overwhelming, you can always scale back and focus on one sport or player.

It’s also vital that when you first start collecting cards, certain things will help keep your interest up. For example, start with a few different sports/players and gather them over time so that they become more familiar to you. This makes it easier for others who want to look at your cards. It also allows fewer items in one place because everything is the same color! You could also avoid buying any rare cards unless necessary.

Types of sports cards

Sports cards are classified into several categories. The most common are baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. Other popular sports include soccer, racing, and golf. Each type has its own set of rules for collecting cards. For instance, baseball cards come in many shapes and sizes, like commons (first run), parallels (second run), or autographs. Autograph cards often feature players’ signatures and hold a special place in the hearts of sports card collectors.

Importance of player/card

Player/card desirability is an essential factor in sports card collecting. Both factors depend on the number of cards in a set. Therefore, it can be difficult to accurately determine why a particular card is valued higher than others. However, there are some general guidelines that you can use to help you understand player/card desirability better.

The more valuable the player or team was when they were active, the higher their value will likely be today. Secondly, if a player retires extremely young, their value immediately drops. Lastly, if a player retires after sustaining injuries that may affect future performance levels, their prices typically drop even further.

How to choose cards?

As a collector, you want to ensure that each card you purchase is in the best condition possible. It includes looking at all the elements and determining whether they’re damaged, if there are any blemishes, or if some other issue could affect their value (or even prevent them from being worth much).

You might think about buying cards based on either team logos or colors alone, but experts recommend doing both because there are so many options available! It’s important to consider what players have associated with each team. For example, if a player plays for one but then joins another later down the line or even changes their jersey number, they’ll likely be easy to spot when searching through your collection.

Vintage vs. Modern cards

Vintage and modern sports cards are two distinct types of collectibles. Vintage cards are more valuable than their modern counterparts because they’re harder to find and easier to sell if you want to put your money towards something else, like paying off your student loans!

You would do well to remember these things if you’re looking at sports card collecting. It is an exciting hobby and an excellent way to showcase appreciation for a sport, team, or player. You can buy these from various e-commerce sites that usually have impressive collections and offer you the option to bid or buy them.

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What Are the Advantages of a Bird Harness?




Dogs and cats are by far the most popular pets to be found in Australian homes. However, a good proportion of us lead rather complicated lives and may not have the time to care for the needs of these animals properly. Because of this, other types of pets may prove more suitable for your lifestyle. Fish and lizards, for example, can be low-maintenance companions that can tie together any room they find themselves in. Then again, there is another pet that, in recent years, has skyrocketed in popularity for our households: birds.

Birds can be loyal and intelligent companions that fill your days with happiness and make you smile even in the most stressful moments. But although they are a little easier to care for than other types of pets, it will still be necessary to have some basic knowledge before buying your next feathery friend. Do you know, for example, the advantages of purchasing a bird bath? Do you know how you should use a bird harness? You could have many questions before starting your pet ownership process. Therefore, in the following article, we will answer these queries and present the elements that transform pets into ideal companions.

Why Should You Get a Bird as a Pet? 

More than four million birds can be found as pets in Australian households, making them the country’s third most popular companion species. And the reasons are self-evident. Birds are social and intelligent animals that can easily integrate into any environment while getting along with young children and other pets. Some species of parrots, for example, are smart enough to understand simple commands from their human caretakers and can form long-lasting, strong bonds with you. At the same time, others are capable of genuine empathy and be a real plus when dealing with recovery after traumatic events.

In addition, keeping a bird as a pet can be a great learning opportunity for your children and help them understand the responsibility of buying an animal. Birds don’t require extensive maintenance and are often happy just to be kept with a mate inside a cage that features a swing or a couple of string toys. And for those moments when you would like to walk outdoors with your bird, there is always the possibility of purchasing a bird harness. However, for many people, birds are not just pets but faithful companions that can help us develop as a person. Numerous studies show that birds can benefit mental health and help us if we suffer from depression, fatigue or anxiety. 

What Are the Advantages of Buying a Bird Bath? 

Birds are animals that can live for a long time, with some subspecies of parrots, for example, reaching the venerable age of eighty years old. For this reason, paying attention to the little things that birds appreciate is all the more critical. And one of them is bathing, which is why a bird bath can be an excellent addition to your already purchased bird cage. A bird bath can help your pet to keep its feathers clean and healthy, and it has a positive effect in preventing feather mites, fungus or bacteria from thriving.

Also, on the same note, a bird bath can provide your bird with an additional form of distraction that can stimulate behaviours such as preening, with are essential in the long run for healthy plumage. Last but not least, such a bathing accessory for birds can provide entertainment to distract them during times when you are not around. Birds don’t need the same daily interactions with you as dogs, but that doesn’t mean they are solitary creatures. On the contrary, they are social animals that should preferably be bought in pairs.

Why Should You Get a Bird Harness? 

Birds are truly remarkable creatures that make for excellent companions in the comfort and safety of our homes. However, it is important to note that they are not always the best-suited animals to bring along on outdoor excursions. A harness is an excellent solution for those wanting to enjoy the great outdoors with their avian companion. It can allow for safe and enjoyable walks while safeguarding your bird from flying away or getting lost in unfamiliar surroundings. A harness can provide a sense of security and peace of mind, ensuring that your feathered friend remains close by and protected at all times. 

In addition to the safety and security benefits, a bird harness can also serve as an excellent tool for socialisation and exercise. Birds are often kept in cages for most of their day, limiting their opportunities for social interaction and physical activity. A harness allows your bird to venture out of its cage and interact with other people and pets, which can be incredibly beneficial for its mental and physical well-being. Taking your bird out for a walk with a harness can be a great way to give it a change of scenery, which can help reduce stress and boredom. Also, it can be an excellent way to exercise, which can help maintain their overall health and vitality.

Enjoy the Company of Your Lifelong Friend

Birds are truly remarkable animals. Their presence can turn a sad day into a rewarding one, and their company can make you feel closer to nature. What does it take to make your feathery friend feel comfortable? Not much. In most cases, a roomy cage, a good selection of bird grains, toys, and a bird bath are enough to keep your companion happy. But you shouldn’t forget that these animals are intelligent and social, so they need not feel lonely.

Our life is quite busy, and not everyone has the opportunity to walk around every day with their cute friends using a bird harness. Therefore, a good idea is always to bu.

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