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LG Energy-Efficient Washing Machine That Will Save You Money in 2022




When it comes to washing machines, LG is a prolific brand extending impeccable service. While offering a wide gamut of options in all budget groups, LG washing machines do not lag in futuristic specifications. In terms of efficient washing, LG is miles ahead of its nearest competitors. Thus, you will not have to worry about an exponential surge in utility bills. You will also play a pivotal role in conserving water by purchasing LG washing machines, which make optimum utilisation of resources. Without any conflicting thoughts, you must look to invest in an LG model. The festive season is upon us, and so is the opportunity to revolutionise your laundry procedure with an LG washing machine. The forthcoming online sale at Bajaj Mall is set to offer lucrative discounts and offers, which will ease the process of bringing home your preferred product. Facilities of settling the washing machine price in monthly instalments, No Cost EMI, zero down payment on select models, cashback offers etc. are there for the taking. Here are some cost-effective and efficient models of LG Washing Machine on EMI that you may consider:

  • LG 7.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine Middle Free Silver (T75SKSF1Z): A top-loading washing machine possesses a convenient framework for young and senior citizens alike. This 7.5kg washing machine from LG is equipped with Smart Inverter Technology, which plays a definite role in energy conservation. It is also renowned for washing off 99.9% detergent from the clothes, thereby preserving their quality. It will generally fit the bill for an average Indian family.
  • LG 9 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine STS-VCM (T90SJSS1Z): A large 9kg washing machine is indispensable for a family of more than five individuals. This fully automatic top loader is a stellar model, packed with several advanced features. Jet Spray+, Turbo Soak etc. combine to provide a thorough wash. You can customise the wash cycle based on the fabric, maintaining its natural essence. You can even control this machine using your smartphone via the Smart Diagnosis application. This advanced technology notifies the user of any technical lapses, paving the path for damage control before any major issue erupts.
  • LG 8 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine Black (FHV1408ZWB):  The washing machine price in the case of a front loader is usually on the higher side. More number of wash programs, gentler application on the clothes, shorter wash cycles, enhanced efficiency etc. justify their expensive nature. However, with LG, even the high-capacity front-loading models are cheaper than offerings from other brands. This 8kg model allows a maximum spin speed of 1400 RPM (revolutions per minute), which facilitates rapid drying.
  • LG 6.0 kg Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine Dark Grey (P6001RG): If you do not wish to spend a significant amount on a washing machine and are looking for something affordable, a semi-automatic model will do the job. These washing machines come with two drums, for washing and drying purposes respectively. Manual transfer of the clothes is thus a necessity. This 6kg semi-automatic washer from LG will be a perfect fit if you are living alone or as a couple. The gadget will take care of your laundry load without draining your savings. And the monthly instalment on this model starts from 975 INR per month at the Bajaj Mall.

How to use LG washing machines efficiently?

While LG washing machines are highly efficient in their own right with the minimum usage of power, water and non-existent noise levels, as a user, you may also enhance their productivity by following some basic steps.

  • Avoid washing your soiled clothes in small batches. That said, do not cram the appliance either.
  • Do not keep your half-dried washed clothes in the tub for a long duration. It leads to bacterial growth on the drum’s surface and even on the clothes. Besides compromising the hygiene levels, this habit will also harm the machine’s durability.
  • Refrain from applying the detergent directly into the drum. It will hamper the machine’s functioning in the long run.
  • Choose suitable wash programs for different kinds of clothes.
  • Purge the drum of dirt and microbes at regular intervals.

Ring in this Summer sale with a long-lasting LG washing machine, top-load or front-load, from the Bajaj Mall. You can also choose to buy a washing machine on EMI using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card will eliminate any interest charged on the EMI (No Cost EMI). A zero down payment facility is also available on select models, wherein you will not be required to pay even a rupee during checkout.

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Ways to Get Rid of Common Home and Garden Pests




No one wants to encounter pest problems in their household. But according to the Census Bureau, over 14 million households report seeing rodents, roaches, and other pests in 2020. While some pests are harmless, others can damage your home. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to prevent creepy insects and rodents from making their way into your home, including growing plants known for keeping pests away. Read on to learn more about common house pests and how to get rid of them. 

Carpenter Ants

Of the 700 ant species in the country, carpenter ants are the most problematic. Once they make their way into your property, carpenter ants chew wood in crawl spaces, door and window frames, and inside chimneys to build their nest. In gardens, they invade fence posts, tree stumps, and firewood. Over time, their excavation on wood affects the integrity of wooden structures in buildings.

Carpenter ants or flying ants have a pair of wings, can be black or red, and are indigenous to forested, cool, and damp parts of the US. Eliminating moisture and standing water in your property is one of the most effective tactics to prevent carpenter ant infestation as they require water to survive. Also, trim tree branches, seal cracks, spray a non-toxic insecticide, and store firewood above the ground and away from the house. 

Mice and Rats

PestWorld reveals that rodents, especially mice and rats, invade about 21 million homes in the US every winter. Once inside, rats and mice will chew on electrical cables, cardboards, and dry walls. If you notice holes through walls, that’s a sign of rodent infestation in your home. Other signs include a foul smell like stale ammonia, rodent droppings, hearing scampering and scratching noises, or finding rodent nests. 

Eliminating rodents can be challenging, especially if you own a property with multiple renters. However, there are many ways landlords reduce pest control costs when rats infest their property. As a property owner, you can prevent rodents by inspecting property regularly, sealing cracks, and cleaning debris. It’s also wise to spray pesticides regularly. 


Flies, including fruit flies, gnat, and houseflies, are annoying and carry pathogens. These stubborn insects are easily attracted to food and leave traces of bacteria on everything they touch. Methods for keeping flies away from home are simple. Start by moving debris and mulch piles away from the house, keep trash cans clean and closed, and clean your pets. Also, try using fly paper or a mixture of apple cider vinegar and dish soap to trap flies. 

Carpenter ants, termites, flies, cockroaches, and rodents are common pests to look out for in your home. If left to invade your property, they can spread diseases and even damage your home. To prevent pests, seal cracks, fix leaks, eliminate moisture, keep your home clean, remove debris near the house, and call professional exterminators to help control a pest infestation.

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How to Pick a Floor Steamer



A steam cleaner is the god of cleanliness. It disinfects, degreases, washes and irons. The principle of operation is simple: the device produces steam that removes even stubborn dirt. A manual cleaner heats up in 3 minutes. The hot jet easily penetrates narrow gaps and hard-to-reach places, in this way, steam destroys microorganisms on hard surfaces and soft furniture without chemicals.

Many of us have heated floors. Washing the seams on the tiles is quite a challenge! On a heated surface, chemicals evaporate faster and this is also harmful to health. On the contrary,  a floor steamer works more delicately. Besides, it cleans not only the floor but also the air: it destroys 99.9% of bacteria and microbes without using detergents.

The design of such devices is thought out to the smallest detail, so it is convenient to change nozzles. A steam cleaner has convenient nozzles for cleaning different surfaces. The average steam pressure of such devices is 3.2 bar, it emits discharged steam, so you need to protect your hands from burns. Of course, the characteristics depend on the chosen model.

How to Select a Floor Steamer

Choosing a good steam cleaner can be an easy task. Look at the four essential criteria to make a correct choice.

  • Maximum steam pressure:

It is the force of steam injection that determines the temperature of the jet: the stronger the pressure, the hotter the steam. In models with a pressure of 3 bar and higher, the steam flow heats up to + 133ºС.

To maintain cleanliness, a steam supply of 10-30 g/min is enough. For serious work, choose professional models that produce a powerful steam cloud with a volume of 80-100 g/min.

  • Volume and features of the tank:

They are divided into models with built-in and removable tanks. Each of them has its own specifics that impact the speed of work and ease of use.

It is convenient to add water to the removable tank at any time, so you will clean without being distracted. The optimal volume is from 1 to 1.5-2 liters. In professional units, the tank has a bigger capacity – more than 2 liters, and the water in it is enough for an hour of cleaning.

  • Device power:

The heating time of the device depends on it. For manual devices, 1,000-1,600 W is optimal, you should not choose a smaller one, as you will not get the proper cleaning result.

More effective devices have a power of 1500-2300 W. To reduce the heating time, pour boiling water into the tank. After cleaning, be sure to drain the remaining water from the tank and rinse the nozzles with running water.

  • The scope of supply:

The higher the cost of the unit, the more diverse the set of nozzles. But the best solution is to check their designation and determine which of them are necessary for you.

Final Words

A floor steamer will become an irreplaceable assistant for your household cleaning. Devote some time to make the right choice, and you will be undeniably satisfied with your acquisition.

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How to Recreate Your Bathroom in One Day?




Remodeling your house is fascinating process, but also a tough, money and time-consuming activity. That is the reason by it is so common to put off house remodels, since there are always other more important things to deal with,

Nevertheless, currently there are many materials and ideas that make remodels much fast and easy. For instance, a bathroom remodel can be done in just one day. This is a great option, since having your bathroom closed for weeks is quite an issue.

There are many bathroom remodeling solutions that you can use to create a completely new and modern environment without interrupting your daily routine at all. Furthermore, you can totally take advantage of Black Friday discounts to remodel your bathroom and avoid spending a lot of money on it.

One day remodel projects

At this point you probably are wondering how a one-day bathroom remodel can be done. Let’s go through it.

There are many companies that offer the complete service of analyzing your bathroom situation and creating the perfect remodel plan to be executed in one day. Even though prices can differ, there are many affordable options available that can be a solution if you are on a budget.

Most remodel companies combine experts that create a project specifically tailored for your bathroom and construction products that ensure the quality and beauty of the project.

Step by step

When thinking of bathroom remodeling, it is quite common to imagine a major project in which fixture, such as vanities, toilets and showers are replaced. But nowadays, a bathroom remodel can be done in a completely different way.

Do you want to replace your old toilet? You may want to opt for commercial-grade toilets from Saniflo that’s quick and easy to install. Doing so not only saves you time but also money since you won’t be needing the help of—and pay for—a plumber or contractor. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your new toilet will function well for a very long time, even when in constant use.

Instead of replacing every fixture on the bathroom, the remodeling process can focus on improving the place by re skinning the elements it already have with new and attractive materials.

Even though, in some cases a major replacement of fixtures may be needed, in most cases, bathroom remodeling is more about upgrading the style of the room or creating new spaces that are needed.

The process usually starts with experts talking to customers in order to fully understand what they need and what are their expectations of the process.

After that, they create a project with a budget and present it to the customers. If they approve the idea and the budget, the day of the remodeling is fixated and in just one day the work is done.

How much a one-day remodeling can cost?

Costs depends on which type of remodeling is needed and which are the materials chosen to do it, so it is hard to provide a straight answer to that question.

Nevertheless, bathroom remodels tend to be expensive, especially if they require major fixture replacement. Fixtures are posh, so having to replace them implies a significant amount of money.

For instance, a complete bathroom remodeling with major fixture replacement can cost from $5500 to $25000, depending on the quality of the elements chosen and the size of the bathroom.

But, as we mentioned before, you can totally remodel your bathroom without changing its fixtures. Thus, if you just need to re skin the place by updating its style, there are much more affordable options.

Moreover, labor costs are approximately a 60% of the budget. So, if you go to a major bathroom remodeling you will not only need money to afford fixtures and other materials, but also to cover the labor costs of a major remodeling. Instead, if you do a quick and easy bathroom remodel, you will save in materials and in labor costs.

To sum up

Remodeling your bathroom seems and impossible task, mainly if you are used to the traditional way of making changes in the house which implies to demolish everything and start from zero. But, nowadays, there are many ways of remodeling without making major changes. New materials and new ideas have come to create a much more easy, fast and affordable way to upgrade your house. As a consequence, choosing a one-day bathroom remodeling is definitely the best option, since it allows you to go through the remodeling process quickly, without changing your routine at all and in a a much more affordable way.

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