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5 Must-have Plugins for Your WordPress Site




There are tens of thousands of WordPress plugins to choose from today. To say finding the best one for your site is overwhelming is the understatement of the decade.

Your site will grow and prosper with the right set of WordPress plugins and tools. This article shares an expert pick of the five top WordPress plugins in 2022 and beyond.

1. WPForms

WPForms is the user-friendliest WordPress contact form plugin. Your website can’t do without a contact form – most visitors prefer getting in touch with the person behind the website this way. WPForms is a drag-and-drop online form builder, which makes it easy to create all kinds of forms – not only for contacts but also for payment, online ordering, email subscription, etc.

WPForms will let you create polls and surveys as well. You have hundreds of pre-built form templates at your disposal to make your job easier.

The plugin integrates with all the leading payment and marketing platforms. It’ll take a few minutes to create an impressive form.

WPForms differs from many other plugins in this category due to powerful features such as geolocation tracking, user journey tracking, form landing pages, conversational forms, form abandonment, GDPR compliance, custom WordPress user signup and login forms, and many more.

2. All-in-One SEO

All-in-One SEO (AIOSEO) will help you attract more people to your website. WordPress already has some SEO features out of the box, but you can do more using the best SEO practices to increase your website traffic.

More than three million sites use AIOSEO, making it one of the most popular plugins of all time. It is a comprehensive solution with a set of tools and features needed to improve SEO.

You can use it to add meta titles, meta descriptions, and keywords to your posts properly. It’s also possible to optimize your site for social networks, connect it to Google Search Console, generate XML sitemaps, and more.

Last but not least, the team is continuously adding new SEO features, such as a headline analyzer, a content optimizer, etc.

3. SearchWP

SearchWP is a search plugin for WordPress, which makes it easier for visitors to your site to find what they need. It integrates with the most important WordPress plugins seamlessly. They include but are not limited to bbPress in WordPress, WooCommerce, Meta Box, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Toolset, Easy Digital Downloads, and BigCommerce.

The advanced plugin indexes a lot more than your post content. It also indexes all text files, custom fields, custom tables, ACF fields, PDF document content, custom posts, custom taxonomies, and WooCommerce product features.

It provides website creators with the flexibility to build their own relevance scales and modify the algorithm without knowing how to write code.

You can make your content easier to find using the search metrics feature. This feature helps you find out what visitors to your site are searching for and if they are finding it.

4. RafflePress

RafflePress is the best plugin for giveaways in WordPress. It can increase your social media followers, the traffic to your site, and the number of email subscribers with contests and giveaways. The plugin’s drag-and-drop functionality and user-friendly giveaway templates can be used to create a memorable giveaway that appeals to visitors.

Visitors to your site have to provide their email to enter the giveaway. This way, you’ll get more users to sign up for your email newsletter.

RafflePress gives users an incentive to follow you on social media and increase contest entries by sharing the giveaway with their friends. You will grow your social media engagement as well. It’s easy to connect other WordPress plugins, your social media accounts, and all popular marketing platforms.

5. WooCommerce

More than five million sites use WooCommerce, making it the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress by far. It has all the features necessary to build an online shop. The WooCommerce ecosystem has specific plugins and themes as well as dedicated WooCommerce hosting.

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How May a Home Office Be Claimed as a Tax Deduction?




Home-based jobs now have a significant amount of profit-makers’ attention. As a result, advancement in home-based employment has greatly expanded and more qualified professionals are involved. Each professional who works from home does so as a sole proprietor or with a partner, using their initiative and ingenuity to benefit others. Based on the type of work they do and the income they make, these home-based company owners are eligible for a variety of deductions. The Internal Revenue Service is the one who drafts the rules for the self-employment deductions for home workers. Tax deductions for home office costs are often available to self-employed people. However, because they are employed, homemakers are not able to take advantage of further deductions. More helpful information on tax deductions and how to quickly claim them will be provided if you fall under the self-employed category and work as a freelancer.

Who is eligible to claim greater deductions and what is the home office deduction?

When company owners have a separate element of their operation that involves their residence, a home office deduction is typically the most advantageous choice. Your living place, whether it be a house, an apartment, a condo, or any piece of real estate, can serve as your home office. Any of those business floor plans, including the detached garage, studio, barn, or greenhouse, can be used to generate regular income from within your living area. Operators who conduct their businesses out of their own residence or a leased property are allowed to claim the home office deductions.

For the home office deduction to be allowed, you must be self-employed or partnered with a licensed rideshare driver. When you come inside the employer’s employee category, you can no longer anticipate taking a deduction. According to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, individuals who get a W-2 or a regular payment from a single employer or entrepreneur are likewise subject to the restriction on home office deductions. Nevertheless, if you work a gig while you are employed by the company, you are entitled to a specific amount of deduction.

How can I qualify for the home office deduction on my tax return?

You must comply with the rules set out by the IRS federal, which has set the parameters for all of your tax deductions for home offices. In accordance with IRS standard rules, you must fulfill two fundamental conditions before you may claim your deduction. Additionally, your primary location for business as well as regular and active use are requirements.

To consistently run your firm, you must unquestionably dedicate a piece of your living space to it. You do not need to follow a specific procedure to demonstrate the viability of your home office, according to the IRS. To prove your eligibility for the home office deduction, you must keep verifiable records. Your canceled checks, receipts, and other legal papers that attest to the functioning of your home office may be used as part of the document verification process. Holding receipts and bills for expenses like mortgage interest, cable, utilities, and other significant costs for your home office will help you claim a larger tax deduction on your home office.

It is necessary that your house serve as the primary location of business, along with the following requirements. It does not, however, mean that you must conduct all of your business operations there. Even better, you can continue to do business from your main home office and still deduct expenses. Do not do administrative duties outside of your home office, please. You cannot make a tax deduction before that point. You must take into account the following information to determine the requirement:

  • Special guidelines for stockpiling goods and product samples are part of the requirements for being eligible to deduct costs.
  • List the types of costs you are allowed to write off.
  • To calculate the deductible, depreciate your house.
  • Depending on the type of your worker, a mandatory need. The unique need for daycare centers, for instance.
  • Selling a property used partially for business and the resulting tax consequences
  • Your claim list and records must be all legitimate documents.
  • Expenses for your home-based business that are deductible and that are listed on Form 8829. To claim your deduction, keep in mind any reductions based on your method.

Deductions for home offices

Following the calculation and structuring of your deduction, you may safely begin filing tax returns to the IRS. You can start claiming the home office deduction right away after completing your tax file. The IRS offers two distinct claiming procedure options to make your process more straightforward and adaptable. The claim procedure can be accessed using either the normal way or the streamlined alternative.

Simple solution

The beginning of the next year is when tax filings are received for taxable years that begin on or after January. Indeed, the commutation method you propose is the best. There are several simpler choices available to you. A unique computation, allocation, and substantiation requirement in the IRS’s regular tax return and filing method adds a layer of complexity for certain SMSE owners who start their business empires at home. With the use of an online tax calculator and detector, the IRS has made it simple for those hard-working business owners to secure the best advantage when calculating real costs.

You may compute your home office deduction quickly using this option that is streamlined. The deduction for a home office is simple and easy to calculate. You must double the overall square footage of your workplace by $5 in order to calculate your standard deduction. A maximum profit of $1,500 per 300 square feet is possible using this formula. And with just layout permission, you may use this deduction to lower your taxable income while filing your taxes.

Common practice

You must be ready with records to establish the real cost of your home office if you choose to use a conventional approach for your tax payments for the preceding year. A few costs that are not necessary for your streamlined choice must have documentation collected. Among the items covered by this paperwork are depreciation, utilities, insurance, and mortgage interest. The percentage of deduction varies under this standard deduction technique depending on the amount of space used for business purposes and the tasks carried out at your home office location.

The square footage of your busy home office must be divided by the overall area of your home in order to calculate the result using this approach. Your home office tax deduction percentage will be determined by this computation. Once the percentage has been reached, multiply it by the amount of all home office expenses to determine your deduction for the space.

Other deductions

You may be able to write off other deductions, depending on your circumstances. For example, the food and entertainment deduction, the self-employed health insurance deduction, the business travel tax deduction or the Goodwill donation deduction.


Depending on how you report it on your tax return, you may decide whether to use a straightforward or conventional way to deduct your home office tax. It is strongly advised that you choose an operating strategy depending on the type of your company and the tax deductions it allows you to claim, like using a 1099 tax calculator through FlyFin.

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The Benefits of Remote Working




There are many different situations that you might find yourself in when it comes to your career. In an ideal scenario, you are going to be working in your dream role while at the company that you always hoped for. You are making all the money you could ever desire, and never have financial stress again. There could also be instances where you end up working in a completely different field. This could still be an enjoyable experience and lead you to a new skill set. There is no such thing as a wrong career, and you should be proud of yourself, no matter where you end up.

Even when it comes to working in certain industries, there are going to be some variables here too. For example, remote working is now a common thing for many companies, big and small. For some people, this can work like an absolute charm, and they see it as a massive pull factor when applying for jobs. Others think the opposite and would prefer to work in an office environment. You should always play to your strengths and try to get a job that suits you. However, there are a lot of people who don’t know how they feel about remote working opportunities. If you fall into this category, then you should still be open to these roles. Many benefits can come with working remotely. If you aren’t aware of or familiar with them, then here are some examples of how they can prove to be beneficial.

The Comfort of Your Own Home

The first major benefit of working remotely is that you are going to be allowed to work in the comfort of your own home. When it comes to being able to put in a good day’s work, you must be comfortable and relaxed. This is something that you won’t be able to beat when it comes to your own home. You are going to be relaxed and as calm as possible when it comes to your working day. Not to mention, you are in complete control of things such as heating controls and natural light. This means you can set up your work environment to completely suit you. 

Better Lunches

Having lunch is something that most people will look forward to when they are going in for a day’s work. However, when you are working in an office setting, this can be lacklustre. There might not be great food options near your workplace and bringing lunch from home just isn’t the same as a warm meal. This is something that remote working doesn’t have you deal with. When you are working from home, you are going to have a massive choice when it comes to your lunches. With all the utilities you could need and the option to store any lunches you could want, your daytime eating is going to be a lot better.

This could even help encourage you to get healthier and improve your diet. With more options and more time to prepare meals, you could clean up the food that you eat. Not to mention that having a healthy and nutritious lunch could give you the boost you need to finish out the day.


When you work in an office space, you are almost always going to have a uniform or at least a dress code. This is something that a lot of people cannot get behind. Being in clothes that aren’t yours or aren’t to your liking can make you feel uncomfortable. Again, this is something that you don’t have to worry about when working in the comfort of your own home. When you are remote working, people can’t see what you are wearing. So, if you want to spend all day in your pyjamas, you can. Wear clothes that are going to provide you with the most comfort and ease. Especially when you are going to be sitting at a desk for up to 8 hours, you are going to want to make sure that you are comfortable.

Easier to Break up the Day

Working remotely is going to likely mean that you spend most of your time looking at the same screen. This can be quite a draining thing and lead you to want a break. When you work from home, getting this break in the day can be a lot more effective. When in a workplace, you probably won’t have too many options when it comes to how you spend your lunch. Eating is likely the only activity you can do. When you are at home, you have a host of options. For example, you could stay on your computer and check out the best payout online casino. If you wanted to get some fresh air, you could go on a walk or get a quick workout in. There are plenty of stimulating activities that can help to provide a big break in the day. This can help to split your day up and make it move a lot faster.

More Opportunities

When you only want to work on-site, you are going to be limiting your opportunities. There are only going to be so many jobs in your vicinity that are appropriate for you. Even when you are living in a major city, there are only so many companies that could provide you with a job. When you are working remotely, this isn’t the case. You can work for anyone, no matter where you are. This means that any job you are qualified for is a possibility for you. This gives you a better choice of job roles and allows you to explore new and unique opportunities. Not to mention, you are also going to get your chance to visit more countries and have more freedom with your time, meaning you get career and personal opportunities. Remote working isn’t for everyone, but it has plenty of benefits for those who would prefer to work outside of a traditional office.

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How Great Hobbies Can Make You a Better Business Owner




It may sound like a strange suggestion, but hobbies do hold the power to help you become a better business owner. Assuming, of course, that you engage with the right hobbies and in the right way.

Develop New Skills and Expand Your Horizons

The core of this idea is, of course, predicated upon the fact that engaging with hobbies is a fantastically effective way to develop the skills that are associated with that hobby. After all, what is skill development if not the result of spending time focused on engaging with a skill until you become better at its use?

Due to this connection between hobbies and skill development, it stands to reason that you can improve your skillset as a business owner – and thus become a more effective business owner – by taking the time to engage with a variety of hobbies and expand both your skillset and your horizons.

Learn the Importance of Fulfillment and How to Invoke it

One of the first, and most important lessons, that you should be able to learn through engaging with hobbies is the importance of fulfilment and how you can make your employees feel fulfilled. The best way to learn this particular lesson is through engaging with online video games, such as the best real money casinos south africa has to offer.

When you engage with an online casino, it will immediately work to make you feel fulfilled. This is because you will generally stick with the casino – and play the games for longer – if you feel fulfilled by the time you are spending there.

In this way, you can see why fulfilment is important, as it encourages you to stick with the casino. Similarly, if you work to replicate that fulfilment in your workers, you will find that they should be far more willing to stick with and complete the work that you need to be done.

Improve Your Time Management and Prioritization Skills

Another impressively impactful benefit that you could gain from engaging with hobbies is the ability to effectively and reliably manage your time, which can be an invaluable skill for any business owner.

Your hobbies can help you to develop these skills in several ways, forcing you to keep careful track of your time to fit your hobbies in, while also requiring you to learn how to effectively prioritize how you spend your time. After all, if you have a handful of hobbies, you aren’t going to be able to engage with every hobby every day, which means you need to learn how to create and manage a timetable that gives each hobby a chance while also keeping your day-to-day life moving.

As you can already tell, these skills are fantastically useful to any business owner, and can practically be directly applied to your company as soon as you improve your understanding of them through your hobbies.

Enhance Your Creativity and Problem-Solving Abilities

Additionally, hobbies like programming can help you to learn how to engage with problem-solving in creative and innovative ways by helping to expand your knowledge base and giving you alternative tools with which to consider those problems.

This can be a brilliant benefit for you as a business owner since a large amount of what you have to do is engage with and solve problems as they occur across your business. So, by engaging with hobbies that allow you to develop new niche skill sets, you can enhance your problem-solving ability and make yourself even more proficient at one of the most important elements of your job.

What’s more, there are plenty of highly creative and innovative hobbies that you could decide to engage with that would help you to further develop your problem-solving abilities, from puzzle video games to collective experiences like dungeons and dragons, which encourage you to solve puzzles collaboratively as part of the fun.

Developing a Network of Connections with Skilled Individuals

When it comes to business, a strong network of personal connections to talented individuals can be an incredibly beneficial tool to have at your disposal, which is yet another way in which hobbies can bring strong benefits to your business, thanks to the communities that build up around these hobbies.

When you start getting strongly involved in any hobby, it is always going to benefit you to connect to other hobbyists in the space through the communities that flourish around those hobbies online. These communities are greatly resourced to help you learn the hobby, but they also help you to connect with highly skilled people, even allowing you to start building a friendship with these people.

While the development of such relationships is undoubtedly good for you on a personal level, it is also fantastic in terms of your business since you will naturally begin to develop a series of highly skilled connections across a variety of fields as you go through the various hobbies that can help you to develop your skillsets.

Encouraging Hobbies and Learning in Your Workforce

Now that you understand how truly beneficial it can be to engage with hobbies to expand your skillsets, particularly in terms of allowing you to better fulfil the responsibilities of your career, you might want to consider encouraging the same in your workforce.

After all, wouldn’t it be massively beneficial for your workforce to have a wider and more varied set of skills, especially if those skills also help to ensure that your workforce is more able to engage with their positions in your company? If that sounds good to you, then it might be in your best interests to encourage such skill development within your business.

Fortunately, there is plenty that you can do to help encourage hobbies like these within your workforce, from providing your employees with access to digital learning platforms like SkillShare to encouraging hobbyist communities within the workplace by providing them with the space and resources that they need to flourish over the years to come.

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